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Showing posts from April 4, 2021

"The Fight"

I had a fight with 'Kabeer' last night. For no obvious reasons. Maybe women are like this. Or maybe I am like this. I wanted him to understand the unspoken pain, which he cannot, no one can actually. We did not talk last night and slept facing the opposite universes. I missed his arms and the peace, it was a restless night. Morning, He left for the gym without intimating me, actually without the morning kiss. I woke up and searched for him in the bed. I forgot I had a fight last night. I could not find him. Rubbed my half opened-red eyes and raised eyebrows at the clock. I am Late... Recollected last night and frowned.. ' huh ..' Love is what - when we take care of each other in anger as well. So, I prepared his favourite chicken sandwiches, not in my style but the way he wanted - slightly crisped chopped onions and tomatoes. He came back and had no expression on his face. Neither Angry nor Calm. I figured out.. 'He is angry' because he straight