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Excel vs Sandwich

Bedroom success is another target a man has to meet other than the sales. I used to give him targets. "Three before office","on your study table" my favorite one was saying "Not tonight!" and giving him a perfect invitation with the female fluids secreting from my intentions to get overpowered in the bed tonight. "Not tonight", I said.  He smiled and pretended "what happen?"  I said," work assignment, gotta work, shall sleep late" "Okay" and he walked out of th bedroom to hall, flipping some channels and watching his old crush movie Fast and Furious 1. I started working. It genuinly hurts your eyes and lower back when you work on screen at night on the bed. I should sit on study table instead but then I'm the slave of comfort seeking a life beyond chair and desk. Been an hour and more he isn't there. I find it hard to explain this feeling. Why do I just want to have him in front of my eyes