Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Why did she invite rape?

I have always thought the society I’m living which includes you and I would say if a “high class”, well articulate woman gets raped?
We all are hypocrite of different levels.

What if a woman who wears short dresses, goes to parties with her friends, speaks Fluebt English, posts pictures of “#aboutlastnight” gets raped while coming back from office on an ordinary working day? 

or a woman who writes romance and gets raped by revengeful ex boyfriend?
Or simply an articulate journalist who openly expresses her ideas about sex, relationships, female physical issues gets raped by unknown  bunch of people?
Or a model who poses her beauty, maintains her physique, posts about health and fitness with gym selfies gets raped?
Or a social media blogger who writes about periods issues, small breasts, bigger breasts, sex poses, relationship tips,and other ‘crispy topics’ we love to share and comment gets raped by someone who are not on social media?
Or just another female photographer who has a Facebook profile of 5000 people and a twitter of 50k followers posts her work of erotic photography gets raped?

Any woman who is articulate in any manner gets raped, wouldn’t she get raped again by the society? 

Wouldn’t she question herself and think twice about going public for justice?
Wouldn’t she blame herself and crawl back into a dark room as if it is her mother’s womb? 
How is she going to answer her mother’s every weekend question of “being late”? 
Wouldn’t she get scared to face her father, husband, brother or lover after “getting raped”?
Would she be able to post a gym selfie in sports bra, spandex showing abs, write romance with intimate scenes, shoot erotic photograph, or attend any party?

How is she going to answer when her parents ask “why only you got raped, there were other women too?”

Or to the well-wisher who suggested her “don’t be so bold and blunt”

How is she going to answer the messed up question “why did she invite rape?” 

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