Sunday, 26 November 2017

To giveaway whatever you have..

After long.. very long.. maybe because I have accepted.. Believe in Karma, Have faith in God, accept the pain you're going through.  be thankful that he chose you for the sufferings because he wants to see you somewhere.. you just keep making efforts, and don't quit fighting. it's okay not to be strong enough to face the situation when each moment and everything pushes you to the edge to quit and accept your defeat, find the ray of hope..  GIVEAWAY the kind of LOVE you want to others   becausee you understand the worth and need of love, support and the warmth of hug somebody needs when in pain since you have been there and gone through it.
The sufferings either make you a monster or make you human but the choice is yours because somewhere down the line you're the reason of your own miserable situations..
..and you will suffer till you seek dependence, somebody to come and lift you in arms, be your crutches.. 
meanwhile you're crippled and regretting for the loss giveaway the left over love, hope and strength you have in yourself and be empty..
Being empty is far more better than being lost. let go and let God.. You need not forgive and forget what you're going through, been through all you have to do is accept it positively as a part of your processing.
you're tortured, hammered, beaten, broken, crushed down to dust because the process is painful being into the furnace..
just imagine the first ray of light when you will cross the dark and lost alley, the feeling of being content, serene and relieved.. yes, you have to keep moving on.. and on.. and on.. because these kind of furnaces, dark alleys, purgatory would be countless in your way since your aim is to WIN.. over the world, over the foes, over the pain, over YOURSELF..
to conclude my vent of lazy sunday morning ranting I'd quote Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan ji
वृक्ष हो बड़े घने
एक पत्र छाँव भी मांग मत
तू ना रुकेगा कभी
तू ना झुकेगा कभी
तू ना थकेगा कभी
कर शपथ कर शपथ कर शपथ
अग्निपथ अग्निपथ अग्निपथ..

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