Sunday, 26 November 2017

Thank you for international women's day.

Oh! Thank you society for reminding us we are special and respected. We're strong and independent. We're not a flesh for your momentary pleasure. We're not just another fragile and poor living being surviving for our existence..
Thank you, all of a sudden for making us a mother, a daughter, a wife, a lover, a sister and and a friend, For making us realize that we are the multidimensional, multitasking, dynamic personalities and you're thankful to us goe being a part of social growth.
Thank you for not calling the derogatory words today, for announcing us bitches by instinct and not considering us 'the same' in all aspects.
Thank you for not raping us today,for not leaving bottles in our wombs, for not mutilating our bodies, for not throwing acids on us, for not beating us for delivering a girl child or for simply being outspoken.
Thank you dear society for letting us know that we're 'equal' and for not calling us bloody feminist if we talk about equality. For understanding the rejections and respecting our will.
Thank you for giving us discounts, reservation, special events, and entire coach in metro. For a safe travel in buses and not rubbing yourself on our back or shoulders.
Thank you for not demanding anything to guide us professionally or academically, for not defaming us on achieving success. For not associating absurdly with a colleague if we behave strong headed and bold, for not rebuking us on going out in Cold.
Thank you society, for everything you have given to us, or for everything you have not given to us, Thank you for making us realize that we are humans too and we have right to breathe freely among others.
Thank you for taking out one day and painting the surrounding pink.

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