Sunday, 26 November 2017

Sometimes, you have to die.

Going weak in your knees and bending down is perfectly okay. But wrong is breaking in front of someone who doesn't value your broken parts.
You beg,borrow, and do every Best possible thing, wanting the person to fix you. You know, he wouldn't, you know when you shatter again and again in front of him just to seek that fix that takes your pain away, the person breaks you more...
It happens, the more you cry in front of someone, the more he judges you to be weak. It's just that you have the world around you but you want this particular person to fix the broken pieces of you..
You so wanted him to love you.. see your wounds, heal you and then he mocked your pain, called you melodramatic , a lover of sadness and pain, makes you feel sicker about you being broken.. and then he leaves.
You die.
That pain. That suffering, that rediscovering and that purgatory is something that touches deepest of your emotions,take them out, you end yourself, you kill, you destroy.
You have to go through it because you're broken and in the struggle of survival you held the wrong log of the wood. You sought healing from a wrong person who isn't your fix.
You'll get over, you will be okay, you will be awesome again, but for this burn in the furnace to become the purest gold.
You'll be the strongest but for that you have to die, once.

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  1. Reality is if you keep expecting someone else to put you back together, you are weak because that someone is only human and whose absence or death will break one more than ever and to emerge out of that pain is a choice; a deeply personal choice where even though you get a hand you need to be aware to not pull that other person into your mess and continue wallowing in the misery that may have become second nature due to over exposure.