Sunday, 26 November 2017

Shine like the sun and give a fuck to thoze who become blind.

"Success" seven letters word with various interpretations on different horizons.
No matter how highly qualified you're into academics, you mean nothing among the bulls of corporate world who hold years of experiences and mint money like sluts.
No matter how much money you mint, what lifestyle you follow or in what fashion you're worshipped into the corporate world; you're just another asshole if you cannot stand, speak, write, behave or use correct punctuations among the educated scholars, literary pundits, and the intellectual breeds.
You're just another nonexisting insect among the politicians and socialites if you're a layman with no powerful contacts and connection among the Richie Riches of the society.
And you're just another loser if you have all the riches of the world, degrees of education, contacts in and out the corporate, and academic pundits as your servants but nobody to call family and friends.
You're a failure in one or other way to them, your success may mean nothing to somebody, your 'god complex' may not exist for someone not of your field..
Success, is like a prostitute, cannot be owned by anyone, abandoned by some or other, desired by all, cursed by those who cannot get hold, abused by those who are ruined by it, and nobody's loyal.
Depends upon you, you want to be successful, to whom, by what, how, or when..
All you have to do is not to be afraid, not to be dim, burn it up, shine like the sun and don't give a damn to those who get blind by looking at you.

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