Sunday, 26 November 2017

No more Panchayats?

We have grown studying Panchayats in Civics and social studies but What has happened to the grassroots government, the way the budget is getting cut every year of panchayati Raj,it's a big question on its future.
Within last year, the budget has cut down from 7000 crores to 96 crores and reportedly the panchayati raj minister isn't making any efforts despite of heading the rural development Ministry.
India isn't about the metro cities, it's not the backbone.
I can clearly see the crippled situation of bleak future here, since in early 90s as I remember the amendment mandated a 3 tier structural panchayats I.e. village,block,district.
Why has there not been any efforts to rescue the "'Panchayati Raj Ministry ' from dissolving?
As far as my civic knowledge among other major target areas the basic functionality of the Ministry falls under the latest amendments.
To fund research studies, workshops, and seminars for development of Panchayats.
To secure the respective areas strong with pris economic growth and social justice.
Even if we see the Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan of the Ministry of finance which has somehow managed to secure 650+crore fund for changing name from RGPSA (राजीव गांधी पंचायत सशक्तिकरण अभियान), there are 58 thousand gram panchayats across entire India without permanent office facilities.
Well, the fact is panchayati raj is starving to death, I hope government has plans for it, turning entire Ministry into just a department is actually going down to the roots and changing the entire system.
Good, bad, ugly, well, India is not metro cities only!!!

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