Sunday, 26 November 2017

More of you..

"Broccolis.. more?" he asked.
"yeah.. and take out those jalapeños", said I seeking some pamper.
"We have similar tastes." he smiled and served me the dish he made.
"Can I eat with hands..?" I asked if he wouldn't mind.
"should I hand feed you?" he took the plate in hands and offered me some love
I opened my mouth and felt like a child,"This is spicy" I frowned.
"No it's not, you don't eat spices" he tasted the food and said.
I grinned,"Now it's good" and he laughed "you don't stop being filmy, do you?"
"nope" I nodded. "Can I keep this shirt.. it smells of you, us, and sex" I asked buttoning his shirt on me.
"yes" he fed me more..
chewing the food I kept talking like a bad mannered girl, dripping the sauce on his shirt and wiping my mouth with the sleeves of his big shirt.
"do you want some more?" he asked.
"of you?" I looked into his eyes and smiled.
he kept the plate aside and made me sit on the kitchen slab "I can't get enough of you,What is it that I crave a lot, of your taste, your touch, your skin?"
"It's your love. Because I love you" I kissed his eyes.
"I love you more, than you, more" he said.
"because the happier you're, the more complete I feel, the more satisfied you're, the more successful I become, the more you demand the more I love to deliver, the more.."
"you talk to much, I want more of you" I unbuttoned his denim and pulled him closer.
"Yes ma'am" he said.

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