Sunday, 26 November 2017

Interesting kanthapura

Loved reading Kanthapura.This novel is a complete mixture of Religion,Mythology and History. What I personally liked the most that in this novel, the grand harikathas finely blend politics with religious and mythology. The fights between mahatma and british draws the picture of the fight between Rama and Ravana, between the forces of good and evil like Krishna against the Kalia or Kansa, Prahlad against his own father, Harishchandra against the Asuras, Besides, the mahatma is Mohan (Krishna) slaying the serpent of foreign rule. Again Gandhi is compared to Rama as well as Shiva, Motherland is compared to Sita and the british Government is compared to Ravana.
Shankara is a "veritable dharmraj" and swaraj is compared to the three eyed shiva. As a gandhian economic programme Moorthy distributes chakras among the village women and inspires them to spin chakras and weave cloth. He asks people to boycott foreign goods
"the money that goes to red man, will stay within your country and the mother can feed the foodless and the milkless and the clothless."
Advocates Shankara wears Khadi and appeals to others to do so.

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