Sunday, 26 November 2017

If you leave, you will leave me with nothing.

"If you leave, you'll leave me with nothing" he said and kissed her to stop.
She ran fingers in his hair in the mansuetude of care,  the way she used to cuddle him and make him sleep on her breasts, said nothing.
There's an unexplained crave and desire you feel for someone,when you think of the person all you can imagine that one moment which binds you... maybe that soul locking kiss. When lips are locked with no air between all you could taste the cold saliva and the soft tongue.
"I can't stop thinking, your kisses.. I so miss kissing you" he said grabbing her face between his flat palms.
She said nothing..
"Speak something" he pressed his palms hard and her lips glanced out like pouting baby.
"You never said you love me and wish to spend your life with me.." She said, softly, looking down at her feet.
"I'm a man" he lifted her face and made her look into her eyes. "I can't express the way you want" he explained. "I don't know how do you want me to say it, I act, I do, I just don't have words" he wished he could, anyhow make her feel the pain he is feeling while speaking this all.
"I express my love when I touch you. I kiss you everywhere.I feel your love when you melt down with the pain I give you. I feel our relationship when you scream my name in pleasure" He grabbed her arms and felt the same love running into his nerves.
"This is all physical.. you don't say it" she said, demand to be loosened up.
"Can you explain your desire to release myself deep inside you?" He asked.
She said nothing.. then said "No"
"When you go numb, when you're asleep in my arms with those heavy breathing, our legs like mating snakes, when you feel me inside you and you hold me tight when I am no more in control of my muscles for thirty seconds and more.. when those tears roll down your eyes when you're in pleasure, that is my love, love." he said it all.
"I'm a man, I don't say it, I do" he didn't know what else to say..
"If you leave, you'll leave me with nothing."

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