Sunday, 26 November 2017

Ever loved someone like this?

Ever loved someone so deeply that he/she meant the world to you. Your morning started and night ended with him. All you wanted to do is to take care of the person and dedicated yourself completely for his/her happiness and to fulfill each small and big demands..
..also for those things that you couldn't afford yet worked so hard and smart to be resourceful and fulfill that desire..
Ever loved someone so madly that you could destroy the world apart on a single drop of tears in his/her eyes?
You loved to sit, sleep, cuddle, laugh, demand, with him? You wanted to grow old loving him/her and submit your life in loving him/her.
The only peace you got was into his/her arms.. his/her existence in your life made you worth living..
Ever loved someone so truly that you could protect and made him/her the happiest person in the world, give everything he/she ever wanted??
Well, let the person be 'you' yourself and get whatever the hell you want in life.. ;)

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