Sunday, 26 November 2017

Be the strength

Life is like a woman in labour room.  She goes through pain while the husband standing by her side in her struggle, is her biggest strength. Similarly, You struggle together when the person you love is struggling through something he wants. Dealing with pain, when he loses hopes and you keep him positive. Sometimes you break too, sometimes you feel like quitting but you can't because the pledge you made to your heart convinced your mind that whatever decisions he takes, no matter how much pain he goes through, you're going to stand by all his decisions.
And with each and every failure he faces, with all his fears, doubts, uncertainties, and loss of hopes , he makes you go through the same pain because you're holding his hands.
You knew what you're signing up for. Keeping yourself positive to keep his strength alive is double responsibility.
When the people you love goes through illness, physical pain and health issues or they just take life changing decisions,all you could do is to stand by and believe them, their strength more than they do.
I know personally, you get nothing to be somebody's strength, to stand by someone's hardships.
Sometimes, they leave you behind after winning.
You keep standing on the same place and they move ahead, forgetting your thank less invisible contribution
In the get through of their struggle.
Lucky you're, if you have someone who stands by you and be your strength and blessed you're if you have the courage of being somebody's strength.


  1. Dashing quote. such saying really touches heart! Strength Quotes at its best is always impressive.

  2. You identify the ideal situation but end with the reality. There is a qualification though that blindly following a dream without the thought of the ones with you is also stupidity. Some will walk with you and some will definitely abandon you but when people leave that is when you need to ask if what we are going after is worth it or is just blind stupidity. Both sides need to be dispassionate about the assessment.