Sunday, 26 November 2017

another Crisis

The most common statements I hear being into academics are "you have got nothing else to do" .."you hav no practical knowledge about the world" .."bookish" "Jobless" "Because you do 'nothing', you become fussy and frustrated, go join a gym or get some job" .."oversmart" Earlier I used to be demoralized and then father once told, "our surrounding is full of people who measure success by monetory terms, what position you are holding, which chair do you represent and how fat is your account, they have nothing to do with the numbers of book you read or how dedicated you are towards your chosen path. But then, it is your decision, do you really want to live among that class or have you dremt of a better life when you will break your cocoon?
Some things take patience and more than required time, when you feel that the world is settled but you are still in the middle of nowhere."
It somehow managed to convince me that he was right, he made his point.
but still the issue is we have to deal that majority, we cannot avoid it, Trust me I still do and I just end up ignoring those people as if they don't exist.
or maybe I chose to be Blind because I cannot keep on proving each Anti-Education person, the value of higher education. They will certify me as crazy as they say " jyada padhne se dimag kharab ho jata hai" :D
meanwhile dealing with the crisis another came up,
"What If I get a life partner who doesn't value the education the way I do, or his family too, It is like rotting in hell if he would think the way other's did, so far?" is the another big doubt I suffer.
There will be big conflict in the ideas and perspectives.
I am sure most of my age singles are dealing with this shit too and have no idea where it is going to

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