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Excel vs Sandwich

Bedroom success is another target a man has to meet other than the sales. I used to give him targets. "Three before office","on your study table" my favorite one was saying "Not tonight!" and giving him a perfect invitation with the female fluids secreting from my intentions to get overpowered in the bed tonight.

"Not tonight", I said. 
He smiled and pretended "what happen?" 
I said," work assignment, gotta work, shall sleep late"
"Okay" and he walked out of th bedroom to hall, flipping some channels and watching his old crush movie Fast and Furious 1.

I started working. It genuinly hurts your eyes and lower back when you work on screen at night on the bed. I should sit on study table instead but then I'm the slave of comfort seeking a life beyond chair and desk.

Been an hour and more he isn't there. I find it hard to explain this feeling. Why do I just want to have him in front of my eyes. I find peace. I don't wish to sound obsessed but I feel as if I've the hold of my world when he's there. How can you love someone so immense? I feel happy just to see him in every 10 minutes just for 3 seconds and eyes are back to work. 


No it's not. Women are like that, most of us. We love to love our meṅ. Pamper them, care for them and keeping an eye - not to spy but to reassure he's there even if we know he is.

We seek constant self approval and confirmation of being loved in abundance and trust me there's no limit of our hunger for love.

"Coffee?" He asked munching a sandwich.
I could never understand this man. He either wants me to make love or a sandwich at night.
You can imagine my straight face here.
"you just had food, didn't you?" 
"hungry, again?"
"and that was my sandwich?"
"So why are you standing here now?"
"Because this is my house and my woman is sitting on the chair which is mine"
"Aggrrhh.. stop irritating me."
He laughed and came inside the room, saw me struggling with Excel formulas and laughed louder, again.
"Nothing!" He said.
"Why are you laughing?"
"because you're doing it wrong bro..again!" He said and laughed again.
Ah! Every time he teases me for my mathematics I hate it because I know I can't get it straight.
I stood up and pushed him back with both my hands on his chest. I shouldn't have done it. I know it turns him on but it was unintentional.
He grabbed my wrists and locked it at my back. Strong hold I can't rescue.
No! I said.
"Yep." He said again. 
"I know"
"Let go of me"
"I'll do it if.."
"If...if you make me another sandwich?"
"Yep" and he loosened me "Sandwich, with more veggies"
So the deal settled in Excel vs Sandwich.



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