Monday, 13 June 2016

And I lost the counts.. (Chapter 2)

and on the other hand, Moni, a woman not at all travelled, unknown to most of the colours of life, opposite to Sameer, not at all an "I don't know metro city girl"
Common thing between them? Assamese tongue.
Moni likes Sam for being full of experiences; however she has too many people around her, full of experiences, knowledge, amazing brains and something that we call "SapioSexuals". The thing with Sam, he doesn't know Moni, at all, what she's, how she works, or what she works, where she works, who she is, what is her life about, what is her past, present and nor does Sameer cares about future.
He thinks, she is predictable and she lets him think that way "Whatever makes you happy".
Sometimes, it becomes necessary to release the love you have inside because it has been stuck in you for so long, like I say, "when you stop loving somebody, you start loving everybody.....", ah, well, let's not complicate it.
Keep it simple like this generation wants "meaningless"
Moni liked being driven, she let him do that, she is driving everything around her life Controls and manages everything in her life and she just wants to sink into an anonymous, unknown planet where people don't come after her for a photograph or just another corporate gig.
"Moni, where is your hand?" asked Sameer.
Moni played the guitar strings "leave the guitar and take your left hand inside your tee-shirt, touch your breast"
"Do it, take your hand there"
There was something in the command, playing with Moni's kinky desires of submission she did as directed.
Sameer could hear the breaks in her breathe "and take right to your thighs" he continued.
"Stop" she whispered, "Stop directing me"
"you like it" said Sameer.."Pinch your bosom softly, feel your skin, take your hands between your thighs"
"Sammy, Stop doing it" she could barely speak it.
"Can you turn your belly down and squeeze your bums with both hands?"
"Do it"
She turned her face down, stretched her hands to her butts and squeezed it "Mmm... she moaned"
"are you high?" he asked.
Moni did not say anything.
"Can you feel it in there, Moni?"
"Yes.." she said.
"What are you wearing?"
"I'm in my pajamas" She said.
"..and my tee shirt, and my lingerie, and.."
"What is the colour?"
"Are you wet and high?"
Moni kept quiet. "Tell me" Sameer asked dominatingly.
"Ah.. Yes.." She said in all her desires. 
"Good, get up now"
"what? Why?"
"Stay high, stand up"
"No.. Why" she said unwillingly.
"Because I'm parked outside your home, wear heels and come out" Sameer said in a plain voice. 
"What!!!" it was a bummer. Impossible. He was at his home. When did he drive here? "Are you kidding me?" happy and surprised she said.
"I don't have time, wear heels come down in 5 minutes"
"Sam I'm in pyjamas, messed up, not ready to go out, sweaty, give me some time to correct myself"
"you're wet, you're high, I want my woman in her skin, no artificial scents" said Sameer, "Come the way you're."
This is what a woman wants in her man, rawness. One who can accept the way she is right at the moment.
Moni never experienced such craziness in her life. She tied her hair wore her heels, took her bag, and looked herself in the mirror.
She had a smile on her face; her eyes were widened and shining. She picked up her scent but stopped. She kept it down and didn’t wear the perfume.
Sameer was there. She saw him at a stretch. She smiled and walked towards the car. Sameer was sitting in the car, in his shorts and tee shirt, wearing chappals and messy hair.
"Are you crazy, what are you doing here, don't you have office, and it’s unplanned?"
Asked Moni, with a chuckle in her voice.
"Did you bath?" He asked ignoring all her questions.
"Yes, I did, in morning, but...”
"You should not have, I will wash you" he spoke before she could complete her sentence.
He started the car and asked "are you high?"
"No, I'm not. How can i be, I'm distracted!"
"You’re. I can smell you"
Moni kept mum.
"Suli kele bandhile(why did you tie your hair), who asked?" Sameer opened her clutches while driving. 
"Sam I'm messed up, I never go out like this"
"I know miss corporate, why are you wearing a nail print?"
"Areh! Ki hol tumak aji? (What has happened to you today) crazy holniki? (Gone crazy) said Moni, for Sameer unexpected behaviour.
"Aren't you liking it?" a question unanswerable he shot. He literally drove her today.
She couldn't understand why is she loving his commands when she is of a dominating nature, maybe it's a new flavour, maybe she is experimental. 
She’s just getting different shades of her painted by Sameer.
Sameer opened the curls of her hair and spread it on her shoulders. While driving he started touching her ears and her cheeks. He increased the volume of music "touch yourself" he said. "What, no! We are on the road" said Moni.
"If you want me, I can touch you" and Moni came near him touching his chest "you smell bitter, cigarettes" she continued.
"No. Touch yourself"
"People will see"
"Nobody will, it's my car and I want you high"
"You have gone insane Sam" and she laughed.
"Can you be loud?" Sameer didn’t have smile on his face, he was enjoying the play, he had that calm expression of not getting driven "Can you say my name loud"
"Yes, Sameer"
louder.. Sameeer..
Louder.. Sameeeerr.. 
More, Louder.. "Sameeeerr" and he pulled her hair softly "now touch yourself"
Moni gasped as he held her hair, he moved her hands on her thighs over the pyjamas. "Put your hand inside" 
she slid her hand in her pyjama and started rubbing her love Valley over her underpants.
She was quiet, music was loud, and Sameer was driving calmly not looking at her.
"Pull the back down and move the seats" she did, made space for her legs and stretched her legs. 
"What are you doing with your hands in your pyjamas Mon"
"I'm touching myself" she said in a slow voice.
"Tell me Mon, can you feel your love juice?"
"Why are you doing this to me?"
"I haven't touched you yet" She said, with the same calmness on his face.
Moni started touching Sameer's neck while touching herself "Don't touch me" said Sameer.
"I want to" and then the car stopped on red light and the spell broke.
The songs kept changing from one track to another track and they reached Sameer’s apartment  

To be continued..

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