Monday, 13 June 2016

And I lost the counts.. (Chapter 1)

"Do you know, that you're funny without knowing it?" I could never understand this statement made my Sameer.
"What do you mean?" I asked and he laughed louder,
Come on! You can do better than this; you're dealing with a person with 137 IQ."
"Yeah? Right! And here comes the wave of self praising voices to give His Highness a mental boner."
"See! Koisilu Nohoi (Told you so) you're funny without knowing it- speaking about boner, I have one right now."
"What!! umm.. are you.. ha-ha okay!" 

It was a bump on the road, unexpected, since Sameer made the rule over our first call, ‘No double meaning cheesy talks between us'

"You're breaking the rule"
"I want to break your hymen"

That was blunt. Left me word blank for some good seconds. Trying to control the situation, I said mocking "aww! next birth, I'm not a virgin, right!"
"Because you're afraid of exploring your body, you're a woman of 30 years, haha! and.."

"Okay.. Stop!
What is so new in it? I have seen men older than me and virgin" 
"Being virgin and not craving is acceptable, tasted, yet not craving? Torturing yourself"
"You know nothing Mr. Narcissistic"
"What are you doing right now?"
Sameer asked.
"Talking to you, head is down the bed and legs on the wall, hands on guitar strings and talking to you. Why?"
"Touch yourself"
"What! No!"
"You're in the best position where I can eat you"
"Stop talking sex with me, you're breaking rules"
"You have an Assamese skin, pale, peach-ish, and bronze tanning and you smell like a woman, your hair has that smell"
"When did you smell me, Sam?"
I asked surprisingly.

"I have a strong nose and eyes too -What is your size? 36? C? No! B?"
With widened pupil, I kept quiet for a minute, "So when are you leaving Delhi?" - I tried changing the topic.
"I will, just don't fall for me; I'm not going to stay here" he said bluntly.

"I will never fall for you, you're not my kind of a man" I said taking the control of the situation, and convincing myself, smacking my wits and reminding not to fall for a migrant bird.

"Good. I like the clarity you have, woman. If that makes you happy" He said. I could sense his cunning smile.

The manipulative art of turning the situation for you and presenting it as if this is what you want and you're being pleased, we are Dealing with Sameer, 39 years brownish man with big scanning eyes and heavy lashes to die for, working the IT sector And not at all an IT guy. More of a nature seeker, mountain hiker, backpacker and all those jazzy hash tags people use to define themselves. 

Straight from tea gardens to concrete, craving to get released into plants again, carefree alone man with his dogs, full of experiences of travelling, food, people - their behaviour, and of course, women. 

Plays those petty tricks of a charmer, being a gentleman, and comforting just like those patient wolf aiming the lamb in the most natural state following the instinct.

To be precise,a person who knows the basic instincts of human nature and simply following it with no false pretensions and hassle free lifestyle.

Chapter 2

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