Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Make sure, you know "Something" to be "You"

When you fall for someone, you let the person in, inside the walls you have built.
Inch by inch with good, bad and ugly experiences. Some, at work. Some, in family. Some, of society and some, yourself.

And then the person- he takes something from you, little pieces of you, over time, tiny bits that you don't realize something is getting shallow.
One day, you're 'you' and then one day you become something that you weren't - something that the person wanted you to be.
You lie yourself, you jeopardize your career, agree to do whatonearthsofuckingever the person wants you to do.
And even then, being not you, you're ready to be everything.
You lose yourself for a long time and then you feel you're finally the one who you want to be, well, you can't.
you fall for someone again. You do something again you don't want to, and then again this new "someone" takes a piece of you and you let it..
Make sure that never happens again.
Make sure you're not gone, piece by piece.
Make sure, you stay "you".
People come, change you, and then they go because you're changed.
It's your, very own life, let none ruin it.

I know, you must be thinking it is confusing and vague. But no, oftentimes you do not realize what happened, everything was "okay", what went wrong and whose fault was it that your relationship ended.

Changing your wiring is hard, you have to change in and out. Your nature might be polite, calm and submitting just because :-

1. You don't want to take up a fight and you avoid it.
2. You give priorities to your partner's feelings.
3. And various stupid reasons. Well yes, those petty excuses. 

For the time being, analyze, what are those petty excuses that you make to ignore the fact that bit by bit someone is taking away pieces from you.

And in my next post, I will tell you, how to stay in relationship and not lose yourself. 

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