Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Handbook to write PhD synopsis/ proposal

Handbook to write PhD synopsis/ proposal- Review after first draft
•Write something about 500 words, and delete it.
•Find your note book in the hay of print outs and utter in frustration "abey.. kahan likha tha yaar"
•Type, type, type and type;wait a minute, delete, delete and type again.
•Now next paragraph.
•Read it thoroughly and say "kis gadhe ne ye point yahan likha hai- maine hi"-- select and cut that paragraph and paste it at the last section after 18 pages.
"How dafuqe do we make such tiny table in msword. Well google wikiHow"
•If someone switches off the phone, yell and jump save the print outs scattering everywhere in the room.
•Crawl like zombie with no legs under the bed and fetch those notes and that pencil "oh.. i found my alovera cream and hair band too!!
•Open the journal website and look for ERR_WEBPAGE_NOT_RESOLVED for like 6 times and then Google some other .edu website.
•Find your phone somewhere inside the printouts, books, notes, half eaten sandwich, and call your guide for some doubt
•Dont be disappointed by the unanswered call.
•Scroll all the pages top to bottom and bottom to top once. Take a deep breath and read again.
•Type, type, click, correct, delete, find appropriate adverb, fit it,"perfect! looks good"
......damn! It changed whole timestamp!!
•change all past tense into future time
Read again.. click.. click..
•Stretch your arms and legs like a dog.
Stand up from the chair and look at the watch With that"Oh teri" reaction sit again and repeat all the abovementioned steps.
• stop the crave for samosa and chai, you are already 70 kgs!
P.s dont bath and eat that cucumber sandwich.