Saturday, 7 February 2015

Valentines ouch.. 2015

❤FEBRUARY.. Yaay..

The month of love.. love everywhere.. and I'm yet to feel how special a woman feels being in love, how proud she becomes to have the man who completes her.. How beautiful is it to be in love..? How does it feel at all, overall..?

Maybe after some more years I shall also show off the cute pictures and collage of captured memories forever ..
.. but till then, let me be allergic to relationship, being sarcastic and mocking to couples, being single, being unmarried, being unloveable, being worst girlfriend material, being threat of insecurity to all women..

Simply cannot see PDA on facebook.. and outside as well.. it hits at the right place!

Ouch! Use protection, avoid hotel rooms, check out for hidden cameras, just don't get pregnant, don't be melodramatic and over emotional, Think before you say YES to proposals, don't commit suicide for the sake of one sided infatuation, accept that it's over and the pseudo self created hallucination of "yuss.. you're da one!!" Has apparently screwed your life. Last but not the least don't hate being in love because people ditch, feelings don't. Stick to the one you have, it's better to fight with the one you love than loving someone you don't know at all, stand by no matter what and remember..

A friend working in MNC who understands your need is a friend indeed so don't hesitate to ask for the keys!

Happy "well-in-time" month.. don't disturb me!

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