Sunday, 4 January 2015


How does it feel to be a writer?
Me: idiotic
Umm.. and to work with corporate houses?
Me: pathetic
Oh!! And being a scholar and into academics?
Me: I feel like an asshole.. complete asshole! waste!
What lol.. you're funny.. what's your future plans?
Me: finding sexual poses to pregnant a man, trying to make amendments in kamasutra!
Woah!that's bold!! How do you speak so blunt? And why?
Me: because I am an idiot and I feel pathetic since I have wasted my life being a scholar and I technically get brainscrewed in corporate!!
Lol! You're good in concluding.. by the way I am a doctor- intern in safdarjung.
Me: I feel sorry for you!
Me: yes! Me too!!
That's rude!
Me: Raw.. that's raw..
Lol.. okay.. so what else you do?
Me: I capture medical interns, confuse their logic till they pull their hair , calm them down with chloroform, take them into a dark alley and eat their brain. The best part of me- I don't have to open their skull.
Me: do you know brain tastes like Nutella?
Lol what! That's too much..
Me: see! That's why I said, I feel sorry for you"doctor"
Me: Confused??
Yeah.. a bit..
Me: see! I have almost reached the stage of chloroform..
Hahaha.. girl you're awesome!!
Me: nope! I am himadri..
I mean..  I complimented you. 
Me: Thank you, but I corrected you, I am not himandhuri it's HIMADRI
Oh.. sorry.. Himadri..
Why don't you write a novel or something.. I mean you are good with words and I see there're lot of youngsters blooming these days, although I hardly read fiction but you'll be some of the selected ones..
Me: how many books would you buy if I write..
Lol only 1, that too free, I'll take a signed one from you..
Me: interesting.. so, to save your 100 bucks, I should write a Novel, pitch publishers, draft, redraft, recraft, and wait till THE BOOK comes into my hands and I stamp it for you..!! Wow!! You're a celebrity!!
Hahahahaha.. nice one..
Me: this sounds like a joke to you?
No.. but i like the way you put it..
Me: I put something else nicely too..
And what's that?
Me: Sarcasm!
Me: confused? You didn't get it right!!
Lol.. yaa.. I actually couldn't relate it. Was thinking something else..
Oh no no.. I.. I mean I am like.. You know.. was thinking.. You're awesome and I like you too..
Me: Good! So..??
Me: nothing what? Speak it!
Hahaha.. you were right you make people confuse.. hahaha..
Me: Wish I could get to see some people around me.. sigh..
Means? I am people..
Me: nay you're doctor! Period.
Hellooo ji?? You there??

Me: yup!
Why so quite?
Me: Flipping through your profile and pictures..
Oh okay.. how's it?
Me: useless, bakwaas, thuuu, chhii!!
Hahaha.. I like your sense of humour..
Me: but I am still sorry for you..
Me: hey.. do you know you look like orangutan in this picture.. close enough wow [link]

What? Which?

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