Wednesday, 28 January 2015

रुकावटें ज़रूरी हैं सँभालने के लिए.. जरूरी नहीं सँभालने के लिए रुकना पड़े..

है सफ़र कठिन और पथरीली ये डगर
तू फक्र कर इस बात पर तेरे कई हैं हमसफ़र
बेच कर खुद को है तूने दूसरो का सब सहा
मूक बैठे थे सभी फिर थाम तूने सच कहा
चल चला चल तू सफ़र पर,
लक्ष्य एक साध कर,
कर विजय,
कर-कमलों की बाधाएं तू त्याग कर,
फिर उठेगा बुझ गया गर,
तू भास्कर होकर नवीण
बन पथिक , अथक, अटल,
रुकना कभी ना तू "प्रवीण"
टूट जाए सैंकड़ो बार भी
तू हार भी, सह वार भी
देख कैसे पलट जायेंगे तब
कुछ हमसफ़र- कुछ यार भी
हाथ थामे संग चलेगा
बस तेरे ही लक्ष्य पर
हमसफ़र अपना ही बन जा
होगा हुजूम फिर साथ ही
सैंकड़ो टुकड़े चुभेंगे पाँव पर
कभी घाव कर, छलाव कर
है सफ़र बुलंदी का पर
गली कूचों से निकलेगी नहर
वो नन्ही चींटी गर बैठ जाती
थक हार कर
कभी ना देते तुम मिसालें
उसकी हमें, हर बात पर
चल चला चल तू सफ़र पर,
लक्ष्य एक साध कर,
कर विजय,
कर-कमलों की बाधाएं तू त्याग कर,
फिर उठेगा बुझ गया गर,
तू भास्कर होकर नवीण
बन पथिक , अथक, अटल,
रुकना कभी ना तू प्रवीण

Sunday, 4 January 2015


How does it feel to be a writer?
Me: idiotic
Umm.. and to work with corporate houses?
Me: pathetic
Oh!! And being a scholar and into academics?
Me: I feel like an asshole.. complete asshole! waste!
What lol.. you're funny.. what's your future plans?
Me: finding sexual poses to pregnant a man, trying to make amendments in kamasutra!
Woah!that's bold!! How do you speak so blunt? And why?
Me: because I am an idiot and I feel pathetic since I have wasted my life being a scholar and I technically get brainscrewed in corporate!!
Lol! You're good in concluding.. by the way I am a doctor- intern in safdarjung.
Me: I feel sorry for you!
Me: yes! Me too!!
That's rude!
Me: Raw.. that's raw..
Lol.. okay.. so what else you do?
Me: I capture medical interns, confuse their logic till they pull their hair , calm them down with chloroform, take them into a dark alley and eat their brain. The best part of me- I don't have to open their skull.
Me: do you know brain tastes like Nutella?
Lol what! That's too much..
Me: see! That's why I said, I feel sorry for you"doctor"
Me: Confused??
Yeah.. a bit..
Me: see! I have almost reached the stage of chloroform..
Hahaha.. girl you're awesome!!
Me: nope! I am himadri..
I mean..  I complimented you. 
Me: Thank you, but I corrected you, I am not himandhuri it's HIMADRI
Oh.. sorry.. Himadri..
Why don't you write a novel or something.. I mean you are good with words and I see there're lot of youngsters blooming these days, although I hardly read fiction but you'll be some of the selected ones..
Me: how many books would you buy if I write..
Lol only 1, that too free, I'll take a signed one from you..
Me: interesting.. so, to save your 100 bucks, I should write a Novel, pitch publishers, draft, redraft, recraft, and wait till THE BOOK comes into my hands and I stamp it for you..!! Wow!! You're a celebrity!!
Hahahahaha.. nice one..
Me: this sounds like a joke to you?
No.. but i like the way you put it..
Me: I put something else nicely too..
And what's that?
Me: Sarcasm!
Me: confused? You didn't get it right!!
Lol.. yaa.. I actually couldn't relate it. Was thinking something else..
Oh no no.. I.. I mean I am like.. You know.. was thinking.. You're awesome and I like you too..
Me: Good! So..??
Me: nothing what? Speak it!
Hahaha.. you were right you make people confuse.. hahaha..
Me: Wish I could get to see some people around me.. sigh..
Means? I am people..
Me: nay you're doctor! Period.
Hellooo ji?? You there??

Me: yup!
Why so quite?
Me: Flipping through your profile and pictures..
Oh okay.. how's it?
Me: useless, bakwaas, thuuu, chhii!!
Hahaha.. I like your sense of humour..
Me: but I am still sorry for you..
Me: hey.. do you know you look like orangutan in this picture.. close enough wow [link]

What? Which?

#TruthHurts #ILostADateAgain #ForeverAlone

How to welcome back a backstabber

The more chances you give to someone the less respect they will start to have for you.
They shall ignore the standards that you have set because they know that there is a space for another chance. They are not afraid to lose you because they know no matter what you will not walk away and they get comfortable with your forgiveness.. Only strong people can forgive, especially when they know that they're going to get a bounce back of same action with another excuse..

Be thankful to those who left you in lurch because they taught you what is it mean to be self dependent, they helped you in taking out the strongest version of you.

Forgive them, and let them be in the self delusion that they succeed to fool you again and again and again.. on the cost of their depriciating credibility and worth

Keep your doors open to come back but make sure they sit, eat and get out in the same manner they left you earlier, no room to stay in.

And above all, Don't be bitter but be nice, simply because the anguish and pain you have gone through, gifted you with something valuable for lifetime that's " the value of yourself" and because nothing is as amazing as to sit in front of a person, listen to those repeated recorded promising phrases with difference expression, connotations, and SMILE to look into their eyes because you know what interpretation, value, impression and maneuverability have these word got now.. :P