Saturday, 20 December 2014

2014, In Nutshell

2014, I have lost everybody for speaking truth as it is, I have lost everyone for seeking truth, some questions must be left unanswered, some deeds must be kept hidden..
In 2014, I have lost myself after discovering the truth of my life and my people..

Nobody can see you naked, neither do we can stand naked in the society, clothes to cover up the nature's truth..
It was nobody's mistake, I am hypocrite, I couldn't take the truth when I dug deeper to unearth trust, beliefs, reality, promises, commitments, religion, body mind and soul, relationship and human being. .
The ugliest figures I have seen is of truth, and now nothing seems ugly in comparison.. everything is beautiful now.. because I know what am I looking at and whom am I talking to and what I shall be getting..
Ergo, Don't grow up more than your age, curiosity kills the cat, ignorance is bliss, it's not important to know all the answers and all unlock all the mysteries, don't play with nature's hidden secret, whatever the almighty has created and howsoever he runs is perfect, surrender and don't challenge him.. nothing is as pleasurable as being an dumbfuck brainless asshole..
Being idiot is a blessing in life.. 2014, hats off to you..
You taught me the best lessons and chose the best teachers..

Every end is a new beginning to go through a journey and reach it's end.. 

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