Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tu hai to I'll be alright..

All you need 1 person as the reason to live your life when you reach above these materialistic things.. You want to fall in love - love that might mean since 8am to 10pm at you might don't see each other but at 11 pm tou want that person to be yours, you want to surrender in his/her arms because whole day you've conquered the world, your expectations got defeated many times, your feelings are bruised and you are exhaused.. that person knows what is your fix, what is your cure.. what is your soul.. when you go back home, in his/her arms or just over the phone call you get your soul back..

.. your day cannot be completed without this person.
That one person, is always the reason to live, fight, and win the world.. the one who makes you complete.. you may give any name to the relationship but still you know.. you're naked.. completely naked in front of the person.. you don't have to hide anything, you don't have to use your brains to say or answer anything..

You're the most vulnerable human being having all materialistic charms and arms if you have 3000 contacts yet nobody to dial afyer 11 pm at night..

If you have this 'soulmate' irrespective of gender, age, distance, boundaries of relationship, profession, language, social status, trust me you're lucky..

And if you're also the fix of same volume to the person, you're the luckiest who got something we call 'true love' :)

Signing off
Himadri Barua

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