Monday, 13 October 2014

The best couple in reality

Exactly A year back, I was sitting in my bed - sad because I could not attend my One and only Rockstar besti's marriage with one of the cutest girls I have ever seen in my life.

A relationship of tom and jerry, yeah that's what it is.. probably somewhere I have learnt what's love and a committed relationship means, well it simply means KAMA and ADITI to me. The Best couple I have ever seen, ever felt, ever admired and witnessed.
The panju beauty and mallu beast..
I am just a mediocre unknown writer connecting virtual people and making them fall in a kind of love where the promise of staying together means NO MATTER WHAT I'LL STAND BY YOU IN GOODS AND BADS. A relationship where fights occur just to own each other, to be together. For me that real love is you both in flesh and fat and a freaking 6ft long bones..
Rarest of the rare women are like my punjabi kudi ADDU who stick by a man for a decade with a determination in heart to give a real shape to a fairy tale and The man who stood up to his promise and played equal part in shaping the dream of love. KAMA  the mixologist who had been a guide, a support, an unknown motivating inspiration for years for me to become a fictionist.. for what I'm known for, an erotic romance writer, for guiding my pen to stop never, for dealing all my craziness with patience, and for being the first reader of my first erotic fiction.. for teaching me love and for being there at midnight so that I can make my first love feel special..with no expectations in return.. nothing, except my happiness.  I have grown up to a working woman from a plumped college girl,  And could have done nothing without you Daa!!!
Can say If I had someone after my dad to help me learn relationships and friendship, It's K.M.KAMA who apparently did nothing but had been the only one to stand by all my good and bad decisions to pick me up when I fall.
A mere thank you or congratulations wouldn't be enough, ergo I bow down in front of my inspirations and promise that my first erotic romance in print would be dedicated to you both.
I gift you my writing forever my dearest friend and his beautiful soul.
I had nothing else more precious than this, my existence..

Wish you a very happy marriage anniversary, with all my blessings and everything I had..

Keep inspiring me by RISING IN LOVE, supporting me like elders and holding hands like forever there.

Love you guys. . A lot!
.. Golu

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