Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Woke up early, and sitting idle on my bed for past an hour.. bit of surprise, bit of wonder, bit of smile and a bit of memories..
Filtering my past, looking at my future, smiling at my present..
Decided to forgive, forget, and stop being someone I never was.. an angry soul with list in my heart.. neh, So far, all intense incidents made me what I am today.. I am born to spread love, laughter and happiness.. Had been a Giver, a provider not a consumer, taker..

Because at the end of the day we have to learn and we all learn something in different manner at different time.. 

Like I say, every end is a new beginning to start a journey and reach to the end, no matter how painful it had been, if at the end you've something in hand, you didn't lose..

Taking birth isn't easy, it is painful, messy, bloody, and a return of melted form of you from furnace.. Now mould yourself the way you want.. life is long, it is yours, and well, once gone it never comes back.. The time :)

"To Live, Let Go, let live, love, laugh, and learn is life" - himadri

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