Sunday, 7 September 2014


#Predicktion - I'll go Dr. Psychimmidelic Bakchodigama very soon if I don't channel my creative palpitation of thought into right and constructive direction.. else I'll waste it on facebook where comments make me go #Facepalm.. and I won't get salary for third month as well..

I think this is perfect time to go brutish and get married to an old rich dying British, divorce him and grab the alimony as well as citizenships and yatch and cruises to voyage India back and live my life being some high class divorced young female looking for corporate houses to invest money.. B) B)

International Exposure + Firangi Naam + Money + Dhalti Jawaani + Akeli Besahara Zindagi + Ready to pay for true love waali philosophy = page 3 party types best-selling before writing Novel like "Won Knight at d'coal senetor" or "I am Himmulaala" or "Thefty maids of Mr. Bhoorey" !!

इसको कहते हैं खुराफाती "वीर्य"पुत्री!! :P

Ok bye time for mwdicines.

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