Saturday, 5 July 2014

Last pages of my maroon diary

"You just had to stand on my side and support me when I fought with you, or you could have persuaded me to be your side and forgive me for being immature in love..
We decided to fight with the world for each other to never be apart but we fought with each other and our world fell apart..

We both were equally hypocrite, insecure, prejudiced and judgmental at different preset levels and we both were equally, deeply, truly, passionately, loyalty in love with each other at same level.

We failed not as lovers but as erroneous human beings slaves to our instincts and habits. We're still inseparable soulmates just separate mortal bodies.

We desire each other but we don't deserve to be together being partners in crime..
We raised the wedlock toast in the name of our togetherness and served the purest poison of LOVE.."

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