Sunday, 22 June 2014

Moanday moanings!

The life being a Generalist-

Controlling the confrontations, denial, disagreement, diplomacy and deceptively mendacious personality of men and women 30-40 years elder to you not only requires firmness and clarity of logical and rational thoughts with valid notable evidences, instances and paradigms but also in-depth and handy knowledge of the perpetually changing, evolving, developing subject that creates conflicts of opinion due to years of experience Vs Management degree from reputed national and international universities; due to generation gap and due to entirely different demographical, cultural, lingual and ideological backgrounds.

I cannot be extemporaneous or impromptu in front of deeply scanning eagle eyes or the ears catching sonic waves holding the chair and running the organization.

Born out of literature and linguistics, spent first half of my life acquiring command over the first and second languages, yet fail syntactically at times, hate mathematics to the core being laziness as the sins of personality, grown up and nurtured among police diaries, human psychology, multi-religious ideologies, anthropology and anatomy, behavioural and acquired psychology, criminal- psychopathic and sociopaths' psychology - evolved me as a completely libral person to have an opinion that 'it's useless to have an opinion about anything' just because I think my measurement scale is perfect.. eh!

My work starts when the schools and colleges and universities see off the monsters in an attire of civilized kings. I keep check on their gates of exits where the barbarians inside the civilized aces perpetually rebel to breathe in open sky.

I am surrounded by kilos of babbling and gibberish and encrypted management woodoo scripts by philip kotler, koontz O'donnell weihrich, freeman, stoner from Anita desai , Wordsworth and Coleridge.

I research over under beside beneath inside and outside the Human Resource Management policies, contrast and comparison of the learning and development asla-baarood among nestle, tata, itc, iskimaki and uskebaapki..
I eat Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics and neuro-linguistics and sleep on katamba and cristel. I articulate weird voices in such a manner that the aliens from mars can misinterpret it as their women moaning for orgasm!!

Once I was a writer exploting the senses with darkest fantasies of my reader and today I am given ears by HODs of entertainment , hospitality, hotel and corporate sector; I am still a writer and I write 20 times more than I used to do but the genre is diversified.

I still hold the reigns of eroticism and amore but now with a deep analysis of human behaviour.

I am just in my 20s and I want to unlearn the things to live my life normally. It's also abnormal to have a obsession for perpetual progress in knowledge acquisition.

But at the end of the day it makes my father smile to see her daughter picking up where he retired, to hold the bench among the aces..

..and that's what gives me serenity when I sleep.

Don't hate me for my extended verbose people.. this is the only thing I do of my free will nowadays twice in a month..

P.S envy me people.. I have an off today!

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