Wednesday, 4 June 2014

In A Committed Relarionship

No situation is ever so worst in any relationship that could not be overcome.. it is just people stop making the same 'efforts' to MAINTAIN it the way they made to GAIN it..

.. holding the argument that "A relationship is two way efforts" -- well, wasn't it one way when you took weeks/months/years to convince your lover to accept your 'proposal' of commitment and promises to stand by each other no matter whatever it takes..

You failed to try once more, once again.. you failed not because you couldn't succeed but because you quit trying to achieve your lover 'once again'.

You never asked for your lover's permission or support to 'fall' for his/her love.. but you seek full support and cooperation to repair the broken glass..

Ask yourselves, did you make the same efforts to maintain it? Wouldn't it be better if you hadn't TAKEN FOR GRANTED and repeated the same mistake/ cause/ situation that shattered your lover's trust/ emotions / sentiments / desires / dream?
Only if you had cured the infection the then and not created the same environment again and only if you wouldn't have stopped making efforts to revive it.. 

It's not about being a man or a woman to initiate, nor it is about playing upper hand- it is all about the feeling you had when you were together in bed, or laughing over phone calls or holding hands in long drive.. 

A relationship is just like a plant - you have to nurture it forever with same efforts to keep it alive. The life long responsibility is called ' in a committed relationship'.

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