Thursday, 22 May 2014

Prokejru modification

There is too much political tussle on daily basis between being
"sympathetic attention seeking drama whore" and being "the sole legitimate owner of India possessing  superficial/ hypothetical magical powers" on my Facebook wall that I am so bloody confused who belongs to which party of being sanitary napkins to absorb the ideologies-- apparently without rational thinking, without questioning, without any logic behind the articulated statement (Facebook posts)!!!!!!!

Get some life people and stop being a toilet paper roll with which both political brothels are wiping their arses!

I support "kejriwal" so as per the codes fed into my system whatsoever a "modi-supporter" says is a subject to be discarded without giving a thought OR if I'm "modiwaadi" each and evey anti-modi or "prokejru" is mere an attention seeking whore to be screwed then and there!!

It's good to support - oppose and expressing your own ideology and point of view but 24*7*365 ranting the same thing makes other sick of you and your choices!

जाहिलों.. अपना दिमाग क्या आजम खान की भैंसों का चारा बना आये हो?

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