Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Fuck the what - A rambling note!

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Blog entry after a long with a rambling note *Fuck The What*
In past two months, my life taught me many things and the long list of gists of the lessons are
★ You needn't make someone your priority to the extent where your own individuality is wiped out.
★ Fuck your time and time will fuck you, karma pays then and there.
★ Nothing at the cost of your personal and professional growth and development.
★ Be a bitch when it comes to take your hard earned money. Nobody is your daddy out there.
★ Shut down internet, you can boom in all dimensions of area.
★ Yes, it hurts to the core when the only "person" of your life with whom you shared everything - dies yet you move on.. Dogs are not animals.
★ The most passionate and promising love relationships fade away with the time. It is not necessary to like the person you love.
Love, care, concern, liking and habit are entirely different concepts- sometimes you pick one to be 'together'
★ If they suck, they're not worth it. Kick them out, don't hold on to the 70% pain for rest of your life because of 30% smiles they have given to you. Think practical.
★☆ Kamal R khan is an asshole! Period. ☆★
★ Don't pause your happiness for 'a man' till you reach 'men-o-pause'. World is full of sizzling meats if you mentally and emotionally quit the food causing diarrhea! 
★ Fall in love with your work. Give your best screw the rest.
★ Biggest companies can be managed by dickheads! Don't go by what black suits and clean shaved staff.
★ Sooner or later when you realize that you're not happy in your LOVE RELATIONSHIP please don't ruin the life of your partner in the process of 'making him perfect' by trying to change him/her -- Stop being a MOM/DAD to your lover! rather change your partner and find someone you feel, is 'perfect'*
→ *Slap yourself for having a definition of perfect. You're bloody selfish and run after your comfort to desire everything according to your wishes.
★ Never stop "producing art" if you don't practice you'll end up as a "fart"
★ Who's not a hypocrite? Look at yourself you double standard idiot.
★ "Losing interest" is anything is worst than being failed or quitting.
★ You needn't share everything with someone, when you could not keep it to yourself how can you expect other to keep it?
★ Office bitching can be fun between two frustrated women employees- especially when you're the third person to listen 
★ never lose your friends and loved ones in any whatsofuckingever case. Have people in your life, doesn't matter even if they're mean, fake, selfish, virtual or not available when you're sad.
Loneliness is the worst choice you make being depressed- don't forget even when you die, you need people to dump you in the garbage.
★ Rakhi Sawant can get 2006 votes, hence India has certified chutiyaas!
★ Never never never ruin your self confidence just because one narcissistic sociopath has continuously broken you emotionally and mentally. Don't become a fix for his ego supply.
Eh don't remember your uncle who is always frustrated and discouraging ?
★ Men/women who have a habit of saying "Always there for you" beware of them. They are the people to ruin your life. BEWARE!
★ You are beautiful, that fat tire on your thighs are also beautiful, the big tummy is beautiful, small boobs or dark complexion or being weak in English or failing 8 times to complete 1 class, that scar and you are SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.
and not the least
★ Happiness is a choice you make. Cry, be depressed, try committing suicide, feel like a loser, worth less, being cheated, alone, used, insulted or anything. It's okay!
Take your own time and methods to overcome yourself.
It's completely normal to go through this phase or having such people in life who demoralize, depression, underestimate, demotivate or make you negative.
..... But once you are done with that shit 'tragedy drama queen' mode, just don't cry again for the same reason. Done with regrets? Now wake up and start from zero.
Stay sexy pee-pals  someday somewhere we'll meet and pee together on some wall..