Wednesday, 19 March 2014

You're mine..

Your lips
Your body
Your skin
Your moans
the pain of my bites
The laugh of my tickles
Deep throat kisses
Pecks and smooches
Your closed eyes
Fingers in my hair
Face in my thighs
Those smiling cries
Your sweet tears
Your plump pears
Your juicy strawberry
And tangy mulberry
Those black berries
And pink cherries
Your demand
Your desires
Your crave
You, being slave

from hole
To your soul

You are all mine..


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  2. I loved these lines......reminded me of somethng I written few months back, just felt like sharing here if u dont mind.....I love the writer in you ;)
    Ur just another fan

    I want to see you often
    I want to know you more
    I want to hear you voice
    I want to sing a song with you
    I want to dance freely with you
    I want to talk to you
    I want to walk with you
    I want to whisper in your ears
    I want to play with you hairs
    I want to hold your hand
    I want to hug you tight
    I want to feel you closer
    I want to smell your scent
    I want to feel your presence
    I want you beside me
    I wanI want to hug you tighter
    I want to smile with you
    I want to make you smile
    I want to feel you more
    I want to cuddle a little bit
    I want to kiss you
    Not because I feel the desire
    but because I feel the Love
    because I want to be with you forever
    because I want to grow old with you
    because there is a spark in your eyes
    because there is a fire in my heart
    because there is something that will last forever
    and that something is LOVE