Friday, 7 March 2014

Women's day?

I'm really feeling special today. I'm a woman and my existence is celebrated.
So, at least today, can I be sure that I'm safe to return home after dark?
My man will respect me and my decisions in front of friends and family?
I won't have to think twice to speak my mind?
I won't be tagged with derogatory attributes if I live freely in the society?
Just for a day, I'm allowed to be myself?
If I'm raped today, the man would be guilty and I will not be blamed for provoking him?
And if I'm not among the powerful women icon, am I allowed to celebrate the day?
Just for today can I go for a night out with my friends in place of my brother?
Hope I won't be reminded to recheck my dupatta if I'm wearing deep neck?
Today how many of us will be allowed to see the world and not killed in womb?
My father won't be tensed about my marriage and future?
So today on my photographs, nobody will make foul comments?
Or I'll be saved of getting dirty messages in my other box?
Today my colleague won't hit on me?
So today I can walk without suffocating inners and won't be stared?
I will be allowed to sleep a few hours more and somebody else shall cook, clean, serve, and send the kids school?
I can wait for my car on the other side of the road and nobody will ask my rate by mistake?
So today I will be respected, I can survive, I can feel secure, I wont be tagged and I can feel proud to be a woman?
Thank you world, I deserve women's day!


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    धन्यवाद !