Friday, 14 March 2014

Rollercoaster of life

I have seen people who left me in their happiest moment..
and some, who walked away in my saddest phase.
I tried hard to stick and maintain relationships, friendships, kinship,
But all ships sunk in the middle of ocean..
I've seen people walking into my life when I'm shining bright, in the darkest night when I'm twinkling star, unreachable, untouchable, hard to afford..
Even if they quit chasing, they came back to chase again.
Life had been a journey so far, ridden on a roller-coaster..
Slowest of slow and fastest of fast.
Touching deep down of sorrow and the peaks of triumph.
Crossing the hurdle, falling and bruising heart,
Feeling pain and crying over the loss.
And meanwhile riding the roller-coaster of life, I grew up to a woman.
My breast had love, my womb has desires, my mind has dreams.
The man I loved a lot wasn't my father now.
Someone another, I met in school
Curly hair, Greek nose pointed,
My first love, never forgotten
On the roller-coaster of life,
Turning down and speeding
I lost my love, hurt, unjust, blamed, shattered..
I won't love.. no, not again
Wailing, sobbing, cursing, crying
My breast had love, my womb had desires, my mind had dreams and my heart had fear..
Fear of losing love again..
Fear of getting bruised, of the pain and the tears..
I don't wanna love, but I'm in love
With another man..
He made me laugh, love, blossom
Unlike my puppy love 
Trusted I geared the speed and drove again..
The roller-coaster of my life
And on the first turn
I lost my love, never forgotten..
No, no more, not again,
I won't love..
Sadly, slowly, timidly,
It drove again..
The roller-coaster of my life
A man came, fought for me
For my love and promised a never-ending dream
Of fairyland..
I'm woman..
My breast has love, my womb has desires, my mind has dreams and my heart has fear.
But I don't have love, in my soul.
Not of the people who left
Or who came to leave
But for I'm tired to drive
Slow, fast, uphill, downward, taking turns, jumping hurdles, ducking walls and speeding skills..
I'm tired to drive
The roller-coaster of my life..

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