Monday, 3 March 2014

My hair, Fly like dove..

With Dove, I fly..

“She was the most beautiful creature on Earth - her hair said so in that language only hair can speak.” 
― Gabriel BáDaytripper

Yesterday, I was Going through some youtube videos and heard this beautiful song. So meaningful and so apt. Then I checked my mail and had a notification of the #DOVEPLAY contest. So, here I am, Flaunting my hair, my looks and all thanks to DOVE

 I am a woman with genetic thin and fine hair. Thankfully I have very soft and shiny hair but without proper care, my hair are prone to extreme damage due to weather and pollution. 
Messy Fluffy Look
But above all, I have to keep changing my hairstyle to avoid monotonous look. I wish, I could keep long hair, but unfortunately, due to fine hair, I cannot as it won't suit me and my personality.

My hair, protected by Dove
Professionally, I am a writer and a Corporate Language Trainer and working with one of the biggest entertainment industries, I.e. Kingdom of dreams. Being into such profession, my personality has to be up-to-the-mark. 
My hair are the most vital ornament of my personality., ergo, I am very particular about them.
due to hectic schedule, It is impossible to bow down in front of mother nature to nurture my hair, so, I have to depend upon expensive parlours and saloon that suck half of my salary each month.
Simply managed hair
but to be honest, chemicals damage hair, as you can see, currently I am having global plus Blonde highlights and it is impossible to manage such expensive hairdo in daily life as the Blonde highlights tends to become chunks and global fades away.
Just washed with Dove and dried naturally

To be honest, I have tried the most expensive ranges of professional brands and eventually I end up using dove. The pro products not only assassinate my wallet but also not easily available.

I am sharing one of my experiences, when I was a kid, my mother introduced me to dove soap and in 2007 or 2008 I was introduced to dove shampoo followed by the conditioner. since then, I am loyal user of dove shampoo.

Bouncy Look
 I have a habit of washing my hair daily, which is, undoubtedly harmful for hair as it removes the natural essential but I can guarantee 100% that dove helps in not only cleaning but it makes my hair smooth and manageable.

NO split ends
Due to extreme fineness, i cannot tie my hair, it breaks and the styling dies, ergo, I have to keep them open, but due to habit, I keep them tied and that leads to breakage.

specially in winters, extreme hair breakage and dryness. for me the most affordable solution is Dove. As you can see, i have posted some of my pictures with different hairstyles, colours and looks. Say it be simple, royal, party, corporate or simply a bun. I love dove and no matter what I cannot leave it.

All Set For Party
Short Manageable Flicks
 The best thing about dove shampoo and conditioner is it nourishes your hair but doesn't make your hair sticky and oily. As you can see, even after having extreme colouring, I do not have split ends, my colour is maintained and my hair has fluffy bounce.

Any other shampoo in this affordable value is impossible to do the magic dove does, For many years I was afraid of play with colours, weather and pollution that it can make my hair rough and dry. No more fear with the intense repair and protection. 
Healthy hand Shiny hair
Volume in fine hair

Dove proves what it claims, the feather touch.

I am happy with dove because my dad loves to play with my hair and my man loves the smell of my hair..
Although I have not used other hair products of dove, the serum and hair mask, yet I am happy with its products. I will sure look forward to use other products. I am waiting for other  Pro hair styling products including pro colouring options from dove, it would be a miracle for professional women like me. I wanna play with curls and more flicks. Whole day I play with my hair, Cuddle my flicks and all because I am protected with Dove.. 

My hair, fly like dove, Thank you dove.. 

 Note: This post is written for Indiblogger Contest for Dove #DovePlay

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