Sunday, 19 January 2014

feeling Allochthonous

You are the best yet single or end up being single no matter how hard you try and put efforts to be "GOOD", well, not you mistake, the world is full of them, and they are everywhere, but certainly, not for you.. 
Since you are chosen by the Muse, your mind is always pregnant with an unstable roller-coaster of the creative itches. The utopian conjectures and hypotheses of perfect romance, fondles the fairyland.. It is like having the higher educational qualification than the eligibility criteria, either you choose to be jobless or you have to compromise and adjust with low salary, low designation and sometimes, you have to start from the cipher who eventually turns out to be a numbskull dick! 
Reason, why the crème de la crème sapiosexuals are slaugherous, cynical, sweetly sardonic, spouseless, and of course allergic to baloney and bullshits.. 

P.S. I am leaving earth and going to find my habitat in some other planet, say Venus, of course I am taking all my Babylonian literature along with me 

Friday, 17 January 2014

A favour to you..

Just do a little favor to yourself..
Don't kill your happiness just because somebody else didn't care about you the way you did..

Just a little more..
Don't stop laughing and being happy because someone else used to make you smile and now don't..

And a bit more..
Don't regret and curse yourself because you wasted your time, feeling and emotions on someone undeserving..

And this too..
Don't hibernate your lifestyle, expecting someone to turn back to you, seeing you sad and cut off..

If you won't love yourself.. why would anybody else?

Before you say, "I Love You" know, live, pamper, care, protect, understand and respect "I"