Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boulevard of the scattered dreams

In your love,
Head over heal
I admitted the crimes
I didn't commit
I wanted to get loved
A lot
And be together
In the nuptial knot
Trusted, lusted
Hidden in your arms
Our love began
It was your charm
Rejection, subjection
You vowed for protection
Boulevard of the scattered dreams
Those vowed now cry and scream..

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


As hard as an emotionless bitch,
turned off my humanity switch,
gentle and tender I am raped,
Felt tormented and gaped,
Sin, I fought for my existence,
I failed, You won, You Lose,
and I walked towards my Naked Muse..

Saturday, 21 December 2013

hai sabkuch tu..

तेरे दर पे आ बैठी मैं,
बन जोगन अपने पी की ,
ना मैं शीरी ,ना मैं हीरी,
मेरा मक्का तू ,मेरा काबा तू
मेरे अंदर तू , है बाहर तू
ना तेरी खता, मेरा इश्क खुदा
मेरा मै भी तू , मेरा तू भी तू
है रूह-ऐ-सुकूं बस एक तू
तेरे दर पे आ बैठी मैं
बन जोगन अपने की..

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Uff ye Television..

Cinema and television have invaded and conquered the literature and became a mirror of the present day society. Vamoosing from the cinema and focusing on Indian television, I fail to understand why all majorly watched and popular television serials reflect only two sides of women, i.e. Either she is so understanding that she is portrayed as 'Abla Naari' with all agony and pain or if she is well educated, rich, self-dependent and working, she is the 'Shadayantrakaari Vamp'?
Earlier, my question was ‘Why all alien attacks and apocalypses happen in NewYork City?’ and now one more question is added ‘ Why on earth all the miscarriages, remarriages, death of husband, poverty epidemic, rivalry, envy and conspiracy and curse of Lilith fall of the so called Bahoos of Indian Television?
Why all the marriages, jails, accidents, and property matters are synchronized in all the serials? If Jaggiya goes to jail in another episode of some other serial Mr. Rathore will go to jail too.
Why all husbands have ‘some secrets’ or extramarital affairs? Why all men are only after chasing each-other women, property and actually have no ‘Office’ and work except dealing with their love and married tantrums.. Seems Saras and Takur sahab has no work except dealing with all the women of the serials..
Seems Ichchha and Meethi, Gopi Vau and Aanandi, Kusum and Kumud these all women were made when God was dealing with some kind of PMS Mood swings.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Rich Lady

Because her 'Rich' husband was always busy in making money.
Growing his business was his only passion, and he always had a statement for all her complaints and demand, " I am doing it for you,for our family" ; she eventually stepped out of her long married life and sought an extramarital affair with an ordinary younger guy.
He was available for her, emotionally and physically, to listen to her, to understand her, to be with her for all those small moments when she needed her man to be there, to make her giggle and ask if she is okay.
In exchange of all these 'invaluable' things, she gave the young guy 'the money' which her husband earned 'for her, for her happiness and for the family'.
She goes clubbing and plays tambola, spends the money as much as she wants, in shopping and kitty parties, socially active and page 3 parties. Indeed, she has all the luxuries of high class society but still the loneliness haunts her, she hates her husband, disgust him and not guilty of sleeping with several men. She is aware of the 'perks' of the business of her rich husband- beautiful, young girls in abundance. She, sometimes, does miss her children, settled abroad- happy and busy in their lives, paying annual visits and frequent skype chats.
She is worried about her melting skin and fading beauty and yet she wants, just for once, her husband pays attention to her and asks about her joint pain, just for once, sit sometime over a cup of tea-not to sign the cheques but to provide shoulder to rest her head..

I am yet to understand, what did the man get, eventually, at the end of his life - money, to stand by his side when he is unable to earn, or a woman, who never loved him and doesn't care even if he dies the next moment..