Thursday, 7 November 2013

Who is a writer and what is writing?

Some say.. writing is giving vent to their emotions. For some it is the coition with beloved. After beating about bush/Obama/manmohan (lol) And juggling with palaver and terminologies, could they annotate , what writing is.. If it is what, 'they' say, how does it feel? Is it the same way I feel when I meet my love and let my body melt in his arms? Who is a writer? What is writing? If it is an art, a writer evolves into an artist.. So technically are we going to agree what the trendsetter have left.. As I always say.. The worst thing a person does after reaching his destination is to forget his journey.. You are, because they made you.. They? Your readers! And still everything revolves around the question who is a writer and what is writing..? :)

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