Saturday, 9 November 2013

Love Guru

Dear love guru,

I appreciate and respect your work and concern for others. Earlier I used to love it, I thought marrying you would be the best and perfect decision of my life.
Later, I realized, you are actually obsessed with being a guru..while you were solving the relationship issues of your  colleague with her husband, I was expecting you to sit by my side and listen to me...
Whilst you spent nights at your school friend's place to support him in his break up phase, I was waiting for you over dinner because I cooked your favorite dish.
When you were disconnecting my calls because you were giving ears to your junior marriage troubles, I was in my periodic pain and needed your emotional support.
When I demanded your time and attention, you yelled at me and scolded me to be possessive and to be an obstacle in your career, I just wanted you..
When you were frustrated and angry because someone didn't follow your prescribed relationship suggestions and you were all bad mouthing and bitching about the person to me, I had some beautiful things to share and some desires to be discussed.
When you were enjoying the buffet your clients, colleagues and friends rewarded for taking them out of the emotional troubles, I wanted you to take me out somewhere..
Well, it is time, please come home and sign your divorce paper, since, I have nothing else to share, discuss, desire or demand, all my best wishes for your love sutras ..
Your obsessed, attention seeking, dramatic and worst mistake

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  1. Sentimental and depressing. I like your writing style.