Saturday, 26 October 2013

Some random sapiosexual late night verbal encounter

Case history :- Met a random guy last night, no profile picture but a photo of dinosaurs. after a long I had some crazy chat with some firangi. 


He :You are a writer?
Me: who said that? Nay, I sell Egg Parathas! 

He: I just asked.. Paratha is okay but egg? Dont u think world needs veganism today
ME: yeah! I am trying to experiment with green grass parathas!

HE: (abt 225 ppl have liked ur pic though u dont look like katy perry, its weird)
ME: jesus! How would I look like Katty Perry? We don't share same parents!! 

HE:Dont u think u r very funny 
ME: Why would I waste time to doubt and question the immortal universal truths?? 

HE: Dammit, an indian woman i.e a subjugated oppressed human mammal is trying to dominate an ethnic frenchman!
ME:Such awesomeness! Too hard to handle!! Try paddling :o) it'd work.. maybe!

ME : (continued) Don't tickle my feminist bones you Frenchman.. I eat french fries in larger amount with french wine while enjoying French kisses with my male chauvinist man!

HE: Well indian man is inherently misogynist, i m sorry for that 
ME: And you cannot feel the pleasure to dominate the king of misogynists that's Indian woo-men..
HE: Hahahahahaha
ME: :o) I'm one rarest of the rarest breeds.. bow down I'm the queen.. 

HE: Well, my european ancestors have ruled over your indian ancestors. It would be bit odd if i allow u to dominate
ME: As I said.. be chained to the bedpost and let my whips answer your questions Leave a text to your European ancestors.. you've met Lilith the mother of their devils!!

HE: What makes u so bold. U r indian woman, right?
ME: 80% devil and 20% Angel (pseudo - only in bpl card) 
100% pure Indian OK tested keep distance horny please 

HE: Dammit, i never met indian woman like u , who are you?
ME: I'm in mood of some sapiosexual flirt.. got a socially confused dinosaur to roast and chew!!

HE: You sound scary 
ME: That's a typical statement I get and I grammatically transform it into a compliment who am I? 
Be my slave.. do as I command.. or simple do homework on me!! 
(Continued)Scary? Did I tell you about my supernatural powers that I get by my cannibalism 

HE: Seeing you, i can say india is proressing , at least there exist few women who r not scared of men and society.
ME: Men? Society? They're both born out of women.. we make them.. at every inch of the road they cover in the journey of their lives.. from correction to erection! Welcome to India.. we still wear saree and keep long veils in front of our elders but wear jeans instead of petticoats so that we can show our skills of kick boxing when required.. women are the cause of their own miseries Mr.Frenchman..

HE: Wow...Who are you?
ME: I love it when firangi go curious about me.. Just a mediocre, woman, daughter, lover, sapiosexually high human with peculiar sense of humor! :o)

HE: Huhh
ME: Come on.. stalk my profile.. ogle my pictures.. be fascinated.. Google about me.. read me.. try to create castle of ideas and judgements about me.. do homework French dino!! Europeans are not supposed to be lazy like Indians . 

HE: Ogle ur pictures? Lol, self praise is no praise
ME: it's a season of self praise.. (elections) everybody is doing so.. Did I tell you the extra perks of being cannibal? *narcissism*
Even our political parties also follow narcissism 

HE: Hahahahaha
ME: Healthy flirtations need healthy brains
Healthy brains need healthy body
Healthy body needs good food
Good food at this fucking time needs to be cooked..
Let me cook maggi BRB!
HE: Rofl

 late night sapiosexual flirt it was 


  1. hence ends the french saga...weird he still thinks Indian's and particularly women are subjugated to be dominated by others!!!!

  2. Smirks delivered with whipped sarcasm! Bravo!

  3. The dinosaur has been replaced by a goat now a days. Mutton is not any less tasty ;)