Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bapu! You Rock Man!!

Dear Baapu,

Hi.. Many many happy returns of the day. Happy birthday.
Although, I don't know what you have done for our country and I actually don't care. Some say you are the cause of our freedom and some hate you for the division. Most of them say, you did nothing and all credits were given to you.

Yet, to be honest, who cares? I want to tell you, I love your quotes, it always pulls a good number of likes on my facebook status and get retweeted a lot of times. I like your apps on my Iphone too.

you won't believe, I have bought your autobiography, 'Experiments with truth' to show off. I usually take it out in the metro. LOL
To confess, when I was a kid, for a long time, I thought you are a south indian and popular for your son 'Dineshan' ( Gandhi is the father of Dineshan) eventually I got to know it's The Nation.

I mean you're hyped so much, you see, on Tee-shirts and everywhere, you know it looks cool. We can portray ourselves to be true Indian with moral and non-violence characteristics. And the super cool thing is when you wear a Gandi Tee from Tantra and Enjoy the Rock night boozing with hot chicks in Hard Rock Cafe.. LOL Fusion of being Mod and Old you see.. *wink wink*
I have watched all the movies they made on you. Munna Bhai was good, at least it made clear what 'Gandhigiri' means.
Whenever the word Gandhi comes in my mind, I frown for but obvious reasons, we crack jokes, (earlier it was one Gandhiji and three monkeys and now it's three Gandhiji and one monkey -MMS ) ROFL!!

Now Gandhi means Sonia and Rahul. People say Congress has ruined the country, corruption, filthy politics and blah blah but for me they all are same you see.. I don't even know what politics is and how constitution works. who has time to read and know all these things.. But I tell you, you really work man.. you're the most powerful thing nowadays- I mean your smiling face on the currency.. LMAO!!

I mean, you are cool man!! I don't have any problems with you. they have hyped you and for me you're a fashion statement. Although we are taught since childhood about you and even now when we study philosophy, it is incomplete without you.. I sort of respect you for what you were and your ideology but the time has changed now.. things don't get worked in your way.. See, Anna LOL, Kejriwal ne kiya bawaal.. and Jhaadoo?? I mean seriously ? ROFLMFAO..!!

Anyways, I gotta go, All that matters,It's holiday, we all have an off and we have planned a lunch but why the hell did they make it a dry day man!! bullshit.. Life is to enjoy and how are we supposed to enjoy without booze? Not done!
Still we are 'Jugaadu' LOL, we have purchased it yesterday only and I promise, we shall cheers for your birthday.

Once again, Happy birthday, you rock, for whatever reasons. and thanks for the holiday.

Lots of love  and hashtags of 'Respect' XOXO MUAAH <3 <3

~ A Youth of 90-20s

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