Friday, 13 September 2013

The theory of personal space- What do you say?

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In some couple the fights are the 'usual stuff'. Too much of sweetness is like poison, some say that.. Ergo, They often talk and demand about "Personal space"

"What does the term 'individual space' mean to you? how would you define it?Do you often seek a 'kitkat break' in your love relationship?If you often take this individual break, what do you do in that span of time? How do you spend the day(s) without your partner? Party with friends/hanging out with the people of opposite/same* gender/ intimacy with other people/anything or everything?

*Same in case of LGBT

Speak out.. be anonymous** if you want..

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  1. 29, woman, married.
    I never sought any personal space from my husband. He is my life and I have dedicated many years in taking care of him. but sometimes he gets angry because I care too much. He always asks me to have my own individual space, actually he asks for his individual space but I am possessive and this thing hurts me.

    1. You are an emotional woman which is really good. I appreciate the fact. Yes, Men need space. I suggest you to find something to be occupied mentally.
      blessings :)

  2. just one sentence for it.... 'Jeo or jino do'..

    Personal space needed in any relationship like gf-bf. my x-gf always ping me ..and expect reply for each ping but it is not possible.

    Power System Engineer

    1. I agree. Sometimes, It is not possible.
      Thanks a lot :)

  3. 22,woman ,single.
    i have had two major breakups coz of personal space issues. i was having a lot of difficulties in the start of both the relationships. the other person.. in both the cases showed a lot of open-mindedness in the beginning,but after getting hooked..i was given zero personal space.. i had to give explanation for everything starting from why someone had send me a sms to why i didn't talk with a friend. i had to go with the other persons plan and my friends , my old life were never in touch. the possessiveness was too much to take.. i believe personal space is a must in a relationship.. individual space means to have something "own" some moments, some thoughts, which should not be judged by the other person. i am single now.. no commitments.

    1. I loved your honest answer lady. kudos. :)

  4. Gv some space to partner and possessiveness is harmful to every relation

  5. We all need our space in life so try to understand the logic of space
    To b too much involving in a relation cause break up or fights so we just hv some freedom to our partners that does nt mean we r loosing them or they r going some where else.


    1. Understanding is must. you're right. :)
      Thank you

  6. Akra Chakrabarty Says :- Each and everyone of us tend to seek personal space because the human mind often wanders. But that is our nature isn't it, we discovered fire that way I guess. But people get possessive. What they believe is that fire can be dangerous. But I have one thing to say whether we light a lantern with that or torch a forest is up to us and the outcome is always rather inevitable.So why don't we just leave the choice on the person whom we actually care for???

  7. Avinash
    25, Single

    Though I'm single and not yet committed, I do like to voice my opinion which may or may not be practical in my future reality :P

    I really would like to have spaces in our togetherness (hopefully our love would make use of these spaces to make our relation a musical flute). It would be even great if we could be apart without falling apart and be together without loosing our individuality. Allowing each other to participate in ours own self-interesting activites with out missing each others presence would make us feel, like we having a relation like a moving sea between the shores of our two souls. Here we in the sense me and my dream girls or call it a fantasy relation :P

    1. Beautiful Avinash ji.
      your views are respected. :)
      Thanks a lot

  8. Hi, I have commented before, so not introducing myself again. Yes, I believe there would some moments which I would like to seclude - writing for example because why and what I write would be explicable to my wife or other family for that matter. So that would always be a part of my life where I'd more or less be alone.

  9. Yes, personal space is so important in Love. Infact I broke up with my first girl friend due to this reason. I never wanted to interfere in her personal space as I respect that. But she always wanted to get in to my personal space which ultimately led to a question of faith in me...

    Personal space can be any thing like myself hanging out with my friends, parents etc...Common, taking the name "love", she can't always expect me around her...Personally I feel, we are social animals and hence should devote tim efor other things too. However, I wouldn't mind my gal to be part of any of these hang-outs !!!

    Now I feel it's about the mutual understanding the couple have for their personal life...!! Happy that I have a gal who understands me well :)

    1. very well and clearly said friend.
      thanks a lot. :)