Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Those talks, too common??

A very happy #ThirstyThursday to you all.

Being into the relationship is about being 'special'. The Expectation of treatment, love and behaviour is always for that special one that no other person is entitled.

But sometimes, your partner treats other men/women the same way as he/she is with you, and sometimes others are treated more lovingly than you are supposed to be.

Those diminutives that he/she uses for you like 'babu', 'shona', 'baby' etc are used for everyone else as well.
Sometimes, when a colleague of opposite gender calls up, does he talk to her very 'sweetly' just the way he 'used to' talk with you? When the 'Thin line' between Friends and Girl/Boyfriend seems to be blending away??

Or Does she treat her male friends the same way she treats you?
Or at times, he/she talks to everyone the same way, that 'lovingly and affectionately'. He/she may not have any bad intention but yet the 'Special' charm of the relationship becomes very common.

By the time, you develop the trust and understanding that your partner will not commit infidelity and you're open minded to accept the "healthy flirt", still do those impassioned talks and treatment to other people, the way you're supposed to get and deserve, bother you?

Have you guys ever talked about it? Do you feel bad or you're very much okay with it?  Did you ever share this feeling with your partner?

What is your take in this matter? 

Speak Out, Be anonymous if you want...

Anonymous = Mention Age/Gender/Relationship Status

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

आधी किलो मुहोब्बत

"मुहोब्बत ले लो, मुहोब्बत.. ताज़ी-ताज़ी मुहोब्बत.."

ऐ लडकी? कैसी दी ये मुहोब्बत?
ले लो साब, ताजी है, बीवी को देना, बहन को देना, बेटी को देना, सच्ची है..
हुंह, नही-नही, ये तो उसके लिए है.. ला! ज़रा आधा किलो देदे..

बाबूजी मुस्कुराते हुए, थैली घुमाते, आखों से ओझल हो गए ओर वो फिर चौराहे पर..

"मुहोब्बत ले लो, मुहोब्बत.. ताज़ी-ताज़ी मुहोब्बत.."

ए लड़की, भाग यहां से.. नेता जी की रैली है.
नेता की रैली? फिर तो आज सारी मुहोब्बत बिक जाएगी.. रहने दो ना थानेदार साब, मेरी मुहोब्बत बिक जाएगी..
जनता: "नेता जी अमर रहे..
जब तक सूरज चांद रहेगा, नेता जी का नाम रहेगा.

मै: नेता जी "मुहोब्बत ले लो, मुहोब्बत.. ताज़ी-ताज़ी मुहोब्बत.."

नेताजी : बिलकुल, तुम देश का भविष्य हो.. हम मार्गदर्शन कर्ता हैं, पिता है. जनता हमारी संतान है..
सुनो बिटिया, ये सारी मुहोब्बत सरकारी कोष में डाल दो..
सरकारी कार्यवाही के बाद तुम्हें तुम्हारा हक मिलेगा..

भीड़ मे चुपचाप निकल ली, और मंदिर की सीढ़ी पर थक कर बैठ गई..
"मुहोब्बत ले लो.. मुहोब्बत...ता.."
अरे पगली, प्यार बोल प्यार..
क्यों अम्मा?
झल्ली, ये मंदिर है, मस्जिद नही, यहां इश्क - मुहोब्बत नही, प्रेम -प्यार बिकता है..

ओह, ऐसा? "प्रेम लेलो प्रेम.. ताज़ा ताज़ा प्रेम"

हरी ओम.. बेटी कुटीया के भीतर मैं प्रेम लेता हूं.
मेरा पुत्र विदेशों मे प्रेम बेचता है.. आओ.. चलो प्रेम दान करदो अपना..

बापू.. दान कर दुंगी तो पैसा कहां मिलेगा?
घर मे अंधी मां, लंगड़ी बहन, छोटा भाई और बीमार बूढा बाप है.. नही-नही दान नही..

शाम तक, थकी हारी मैं, चलती हुइ, पहुंच गइ ऱौशनी की नगरी में..

" इश्क लो, मुहोब्बत लो, प्रेम लो, प्यार लो.. "

हा..हा..हा.. ए लड़की.. यहां क्या कर रही है?
भूख लगी है, सुबह से आधा किलो मुहोब्बत बिकी है..

हाहा.. तू सही जगह पहुंची है अब.. चल पहले कुछ खा ले, नहा ले, सज-संवर जा.. 20 मिनट में तेरा सारा प्यार ऊंचे दामों पर बिकेगा..


मैने खूब खाया, जरी वाली रंगीन फ्रॉक पहनी और उसके कहने पर.. इंतज़ार किया..

थोड़ी देर मे वो साब आया.. मुस्कुरा कर पूछा
कैसी हो?
मैं यूं ही देखती रही.. और वो प्यार खरीदता रहा..
मेरा सारा प्यार बिक गया.. और साब ने मुझे कुछ दिया..

तोहफा देख मैं हंस पड़ी..

अरे? तुम हंसी क्यों? तुम्हारे लिये लाया हूं.. तुम खास हो.. रास्ते मे मिली थी एक तुम्हारे उमर की लड़की..
ताज़ी है, तुम्हारे लिए सिर्फ..

पूछोगी नही? क्या है?

नही.. मैं जानती हूं, ये क्या है?

अच्छा? क्या?

"वोही.. आधी किलो मुहोब्बत..."

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Do you miss your S-'EX' ?

Sex With The Ex..
Thank you for the response of  the #SaturdaySpanks topic -
The theory of personal space- What do you say?

Now here is your #SinfulSunday

You were just great once. Made for each other. He was just perfect in the bed and gifted you with multiple orgasms.
She was gorgeous and loving. Your lady love was the Aphrodite in the bed.
You made a perfect couple.
Something went wrong and you broke up.. Life goes on and now you have someone else in your life.
Even if you're single and hook up with random people or dating someone else or got married to a new person.
You are happy with this beautiful new soul , who has blessed your life with love,care and understanding.
Everything seems just awesome.. BUT.. you're simply not satisfied while making out.
You love the person but he/she is not as good as YOUR EX.
Not much Passionate, 'big', exploring, experimental, extraordinary, beautiful, sexy, horny, hot ......

As your EX was???

Do you still fantasize your ex?
Do you miss your ex in the bed?
What is the thing that you miss the most?
Is it the passion of your lady love or the dominating behaviour of your man in the bed?
Was it the hard and muscular physique or the petite figure?
Was it the way she used to kiss and blow you or was it his stamina and the art of gifting you the orgasms?
What was it?

Speak your mind, body, heart and soul out? Be ANONYMOUS* if you want..


N.B :- This post is open for all age group and Genders including LGBT.
You can write in Hindi (roman) or English only. 

Friday, 13 September 2013

The theory of personal space- What do you say?

Thank you for such nice response of #FridayFlirts topic

* Does the profession of a person turn you sexually on? *
So, Here is the your #SaturdaySpanks .

In some couple the fights are the 'usual stuff'. Too much of sweetness is like poison, some say that.. Ergo, They often talk and demand about "Personal space"

"What does the term 'individual space' mean to you? how would you define it?Do you often seek a 'kitkat break' in your love relationship?If you often take this individual break, what do you do in that span of time? How do you spend the day(s) without your partner? Party with friends/hanging out with the people of opposite/same* gender/ intimacy with other people/anything or everything?

*Same in case of LGBT

Speak out.. be anonymous** if you want..

Relationship Status

Does the profession of a person turn you sexually on?

Undoubtedly, profession of a person is one of the major causes of getting attracted towards him/her.
Yes, of course, after the looks, personality and the charm. Sex is an animal instinct and every female finds an alpha male with strong, healthy and dominating personality.

Is the profession of a person turn on for you? Do you get sexually attracted towards the person if he/she is on a higher position, a public face, wealthy business person, renowned corporate daddy or top class government employee?

Being a woman, would you prefer the profession over anything else to have sex with a man?

Being a man, do the women in fascinating professions sexually attract you?

Being homosexual is the profession plays the major role for being attracted towards the person?

Speak out!

In case you have prefered to be 'ANONYMOUS' Please mention the following :-

Relationship Status