Friday, 30 August 2013

I am single yet committed.

Being a writer doesn't mean you're a toad of the well, you have not seen the world, you are an immature and impractical nerd and have no experience of the "Real World" just because you sit all day long in your study, rather, it is the blessed clairvoyance that we see the world with a different perspective.

Why writers are single/separated? Not necessarily, but yes they are.

The fact is, they are deep in love yet single for the world. There is always a certain imaginary lover, who is the perfect "man/woman" to the writer.

They are always happy with 'The lover' because he(she) is just the way one wants. It is not like, the imaginary lover and the writer never fight or argue, but the understanding and bonding is so warm that no matter what, they are always together.

The lover always take care of the writer and stands by her (his) side. Every night they sleep together,make love and share some beautiful moments.

All the stories and writings are dedicated to the lover. Most of the times, This imaginary lover has no name and a blurred image but the presence is always felt.. The smiles, the tears, and all the writings (usually that contain feelings and emotions) are the proofs.

The writers know, that there is nobody in this real world who can be as perfect as that imaginary lover. who can love, respect, stand by the side, take care, make smile and understand like him/her..

This is the reason, we are single yet loyally committed.

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  1. But can a writer always live in a make believe world? He/she has to come out and confront the harsh realities someday :-(