Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Happy Independence Day???

Revered seniors and dear friends,
Today, 15 August 2013, we all are the citizen of the world's largest democratic country. We are free, liberal, independent and sovereign. We have honoured sixty-six years of self respect, development, growth and happiness, with many ups and downs, facing several social, economical, environmental and national bane and boon.
The best part of all these years was - we stood, fought, suffered, felt and celebrated together.
We were and we are united.

15 august, 1947, we attained freedom from British rule and today we are commemorating our Sixty-seventh independence day. But the fact is- earlier we were slaves to the British and now we are slaves to the whole world.

I am happy to witness the day but I don't want to paint myself in tricolour, nor do I want to be sarcastic like several other people, I am not raising socio-political issues and questioning the role of the government and leaders, social contract holders, any particular individual, group or political party.

I want to talk about 'Us'

Freedom is an individual perception.
Independence purports and implies different meanings to different people - and they all are right. For a teen - freedom may refer to the non-interference of his parents in his personal life,
For a man it may refer to his personal individual space to drink and enjoy his bachelorhood,
For women it may refer to the various - social, emotional, financial, mental, educational, sexual equalities, respect and rights,
Or to a couple it may simply refer to have their personal space in the society.

In fact whatever we consider Injustice to us, we refer it as the violation of our right to freedom.

Voltaire- The famous French writer of 17th century said
"injustice in the end produces independence".

And the American leader Brigham Young said “True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what is right"

Have we ever given a thought before asking and fighting for our rights - Are we doing right?

We complain, express our dissatisfaction and annoyance to individual or society for injustice and wrongdoings, have we ever asked ourselves why is this happening?

Why are we still slave to other countries, of others' ideologies, mentality and of others' desires? Why only speaking English and foreign languages make your social status? Why an iPhone is the real phone but not Micromax or Karbon? Why a brand is Gucci and Chanel but not Khadi? Why the foreign universities give birth to excellent breeds and not Indian universities? Why Starbucks and not any other? Why only "Foreign products and services" boost up your social status and you frown at the Indian ones?

No, Baba Ramdev didn't pay me to write this article nor do I mean to start the Boycott foreign stuffs movement all over again.

Why corruption exists? Why rapes and harassments take place? Why criminals and ill social elements cannot come to an end? Who are they? They are among, within and inside 'us'

How funny is that, even if we install the security cameras on each red light, the very next morning, would we find those cameras in the same place?

No, some of us will be selling those security cameras in Karol Bagh..

We are the ones who don't wear seat belts or drive our sports bike zigzag fast on the roads because our girlfriend is sitting at the back of the bike. To the max, it is just a matter of 500 bucks to the traffic police officer.

The right to freedom - Speech and expression do not mean we can say anything especially when we are some public figures holding social responsibilities, nor does it mean to throw the men behind the bars who speak against your wrongdoings because you have 'the power'.

Yes we can gather but it doesn't mean the freedom of association allows you to grope females while protesting at India gate.

Freedom to practice any profession doesn't mean you will maltreat service providers including labour class to sex workers.

Freedom of religion doesn't mean anyone can have the power of clairvoyance and become the father of a new religion to mislead and blindly play with people's faith or debase any other religion.

When we gained freedom, once , Jawaharlal Nehru was surrounded by people, an old lady came and grabbed his collar and asked "What did this freedom give me? I'm still poor, I'm still hungry, our country is divided...”

Nehru ji said “The freedom gave you the right that today you can grab the collar of the prime minister and ask questions"

We misinterpret and gift this misinterpretation to our offspring. We never question and when we do - we do it without having the notion of our deeds.

Independence – A state of not being influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself, not subject to another's authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free,
not influenced by the thought or action of others,not dependent; not depending or contingent upon something else for existence, operation, etc, not relying on another or others for aid or support.

Is this “Independence” really happy for “us”?

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