Thursday, 22 August 2013

Chomu's Sister


Once upon a time there was a small house near the bank of a river. An old man Dadaji and a small girl Pinki and her brother Chomu lived there . Pinki's parents were eaten by Sheru the mighty tiger of the woods.

One fine morning Dadaji went to the jungle to fetch some woods to cook but didn't return. Pinki and Chomu were hungry but couldn't find anything to eat.
Chomu said "Didi Let's go to the wood and find Dadaji, we can find some fruits too"
Pinki was afraid to go to the woods because of the mighty tiger Sheru but Chomu insisted her and they agreed to go to the jungle.

With their small steps, holding the hand tight, both kids marched towards the jungle to find some fruits and Dadaji.

The more they were walking the more the black woods were engulfing them inside the darkness.

Suddenly they saw the bushes moving, scared Chomu ducked behind his sister. A big snake came out of the bushes and looked at the kids.

Pinki asked," dear snake,
we are kids and our grandpa is lost,
we are small and hungry, please help, Have you seen our Dadaji?

Snake said," I'm hungry too, I will tell where is your Dadaji, but I will eat your brother.

Pinki said,"I have only one brother but you have the whole jingle left, we promise to bring you some food if you tell where is our grandpa?"

Snake said," okay, bring a rat for me. Go straight and turn right.

Pinki and chomu walked towards the direction the snake told and they found a big rat.

Chomu," Didi look! A big fat rat.

Pinki asked," dear rat,
we are kids and our grandpa is lost,
we are small and hungry, please help, Have you seen our Dadu?

Rat: Yes I have seen an old man with a saw on his shoulder. Is he your grandpa?

Pinki :" yes yes where is he?"

Rat:" what should I get in return? I am hungry too"

PinkI:" I will tell you where is the big corn hidden in the ground of you tell where is our dadaji?"

The rat agreed to tell and Pinkie lied to the rat and sent it to the way where they came from and saw the snake.

Pinkie and Chomu went on the direction the rat told and saw their Dadaji sitting alone. He lost his way and couldn't find anything but some bananas. Chomu and Pinkie had those bananas and walked towards the home happily with their grandfather.

While returning home, chomu asked pinkie "Didi why did you lie to the rat but fulfilled the promise of the snake?"

Pinkie kept quiet and walking.

When they all reached the exit of the jungle, The same snake appeared. He appreciated and thanked pinkie for fulfilling her promise.

After reaching home pinkie said to Chomu," Snake was a powerful, he could eat you, if I wouldn't have promised him the rat.
If I'd not given him the rat he never allowed us to exit the wood as well. I lied to the rat because he had the piece of information but wanted something in return rather helping."

Chomu," but this is wrong.. you were unjust to the rat!"

Pinkie," so? We got our dadaji and came back home safe."

She continued, This is our society, we bow in front of the powerful people and never mess with them but never hesitate to exploit the weak for our own benefits, nowadays this is called smartness and not selfishness. All that matters is the end result and success, no matter if it is achieved by morality or cunningness.

Dadaji asked," where did you learn all this, I'm your guardian, I've never taught you such things?"

Pinkie," well, I live in twenty first century, I watch television, I witness the government, its course of actions and procedures, I go to the school where I face this discrimination on daily basis and above all more than parents and guardians we learn from our surrounded company, society and environment. If digressed, how much the acquired knowledge could be dangerous, parents fail to understand it. And this is an ancient tradition perpetuated by generations..
kids think we can fool parents and children are always kids for parents.

P.S.Do not try to find the moral of the story because we are left with no morality in the society. 


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