Thursday, 15 August 2013

Analyse the people around you!

Character Analysis: Know the people around you.

People who have a criminal mind had an abusive childhood.
It is really hard to deal with such people. Even if we do not take the criminals and talk about diminuendo - people who have a nature of fighting,yelling, getting frustrated at every small thing are the ones who had been bullied in their childhood.

In fact, they are insecure and feel less protected. They are rude and always have a so called "cool" attitude. This nature can massively be seen in Males but females are no exception.
These types of people never listen to anyone, they regret their lives and blame the whole world for their downfall - that eventually leads to a sociopath nature.
They're abusive and usually ill treat their Men, women, the members of family and children but never their friends and people they connect socially.
They are bad with their near and dears but are great social animals.
If not physically they're harmful for emotional and psychological dependencies.They want things to happen in their way and hate all those places, people, and things which are out of their reach or they cannot have an access/ afford it.
E.G - I hate Audi, it's just a waste. (Because he cannot afford to buy it)

Angry and yelling- usual mood.
These people are good at talking. They're convincing and persuading. Best for sales and marketing.These people love to show off almost everything. Good liars and planners. They love to hurt (physically and emotionally). Usually these people are among those who love to play with 'humans'.

They are extremely horny and sadist of different levels.
Can be a good life partner only if the other behaves and pleases according to their comfort and desires. These kind of people always make their partners feel depressive and losers, especially. When she/he is/has the potential to do great in life.They are disrespectful and dominating.
Females married to such kind of men suffer a lot.
They extremely hate others' success mainly when they couldn't achieve the same thing.

They are creative, good in arts, with strong and artsy aesthetics.
Food-drink-music-movies-paintings-dance are some of their basic interests.
Less into sports and intellectual stuffs.Quick witted, Opportunistic, selfish and manipulative aces.They make big talks and promises but never can live up to them.

These people, if can divert and polish these traits, become very successful people and if they fail to understand their weaknesses, lead to a sociopath and criminal life. They become the victim of infidelity and divorce. They usually are left alone in their life in old age and become irritated.

The biggest question is 'how to deal with such people?'
These people are great company because of their fake 'cool' attitude. Good to hang out, enjoy, flirt, flings, fuck-buddies. They cannot handle responsibility and commitments, so they eventually ruin their love life, even if they stay loyal. They are undoubtedly, emotionally weak and express their emotion in anger. In case you're not related, detach yourself. But if you're in such condition/ relation where you cannot detach yourself.
Accept that 'anger, frustration and chaos' is a part of your life.
Try to be pally and not bully. Do not order or direct these kind of people.
They are always into a 'know it all' mental state so never try to teach them anything. This is the reason why they're bad learners and not good into studies but creative and knows how to make money.

Keep less expectations because they cannot do anything for you. They do, only according to their comfort and leave no chance to show what they have done for you.

Eventually, when you are confirmed that you're dealing with this category the first thing you have to do is to focus on your life by not poking them. You cannot help these people and the only thing you can do is to secure yourself financially, professionally, emotionally and socially. Never make yourself cut from the world and have people in your life. If you've parents like this - the best you can do is - build a better life for yourself.

If you're married to such people and want a healthy relationship, be polite and gentle. you must understand and accept that they can never 'naturally' change or cured. Although it is a challenge to live with such kind of people but if you try to focus on their good traits, you can lead a loving relationship.
To scream and create fuss is a part of their nature but they get calm quickly. They are physically grown up but stuck into the phase of their childhood where they needed a
proper growth, love, care, understanding and support. They still seek "only' the same attention and treatment.
The best part, dwelling with this category makes you strong and self-dependent because they fail to win your expectations, ergo, you have to do the things by your own. you become a successful parent/provider.

The only are you have to ponder and take great care is, never get affected by their negativity, have your own individuality because certainly, if you have chosen to live with them, you love them and the behaviour of people do create an effect on your life because you act and respond accordingly.
So, better you do not take their behaviour seriously as they can never break their day by day layering sheild of self protection. In the pursuit of penetrating the same, you will just waste the precious time and emotion of your life.



  1. Yep, agree. I have known few people of this kind. I prefer staying away els either they would have a broken head or me :P :D

  2. Objectively Enlightening! I wander what those 'know it all criminals' feel about the article!

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