Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Anita Desai

To confirm, yes, I've become an insomniac or nocturnal or a sleepless zombie or whatever..
I didn't sleep whole night, how could I? After completing Kanthapura, picked up another Indian writer.
 (Meanwhile I ate many pieces of bread and butter, a packet of haldiram's Aalu bhujiya, Bonvita milk, peach, a mango and. Some almonds ) :D

Anita Desai. I'm in love with Indian writers. No matter whatever shit these firangs write we have to read to get the degrees but if it's literature.. it is the Indian writing.

" In Custody" many of you must have read, I read for the first time and completed at a stretch. It clearly depicts the terrible and horrifying conditions of our society. I could relate because just like me, Anita Desai is much distressed regarding that, in the present world there is no room for art, literature and culture. :P (I'm happy that I'm not the only one to think the same)

The story revolves around Deven (I didn't like the name) It indeed dramatizes the critical moments of Deven.
She has superbly portrayed his helplessness, suffering and nobility in terms of self realization.

An eye opening work, she did, of course. At least for me as a reader. As I said above, This book presents the bad condition of our culture , art, literature, music, traditions, customs and anything and everything .

Yes, the modern world has changed and she wants to pay attention over all the problems and find out suitable solutions to all these problem.
(Why? Sociopath? Is she? I'm yet to clarify the concept. Please help if somebody can)

Meek and self effacing protagonist (Deven) resigns to his life as a lecturer in an obscure college in the dusty and shapeless town of Mirpore.

Many of you authors and publisher will find this story interesting as it is based on the relationship of writer-selfish publisher-publication-poetry-cheat-Emotions-befooled etc etc etc.

Writers can related themselves to impractical, innocent, simple, emotional fool, lonely, inexperienced Deven. (I related because my imaginary boyfriend thinks I am mentally sick and need a psychiatrist)

Yes I'm recommending this novel which is short listed for the booker prize.

Excellent Novel (y) By Anita Desai who gives importance to Men-Women relationship and the problem and art and the artist.

She depicts the problem of indifferent attitudes of the people towards the arts, culture and literature and suggests to preserve it. (As I do in my blogs and for this I'm known as 'Rude-headed' Lass) #Huh

"In Custody" is in fact a custodian to preserve the art in his custody.

B-) See peepals I've tempted you to read this novel!!! That's why I don't review the books, it increases the sale #LOL actually I don't do charity (Pay me) :P

Well I'm now off to bed for a power nap and I don't want anyone to disturb me. Unless you're a super hot stud with a high intellect
A Good sense of humor
A good cook
and willing to ask this booklicker for a romantic lunch "date"
(concentrate on the review not on this "Kori Bakwaas")

:P have a great day ahead pee-pals :-* Gunnyytt..

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