Saturday, 8 June 2013

Your Name On My Wrist

"Your name on my wrist"

Walking down the streets of gold,
The touch of Midas on each hold,
Your memories spread the lashes,
Our love was like a phoenix, to burn into ashes..

Plucking the roses from the garden of shadows,
Looking at the sunset, walking the meadows,
Humming birds swinging, relishing the mist,
The anecdotes of our love are written on my wrist..

Breezeway spacing the sky and stars,
twinkling, mingling like the toss in the bars,
Gazing at the mist over the tumblers,
Intoxicated people, leaned, and mumblers..

Back to home walking, lurching feet,
Spread bed sheet , the warmth and the heat,
Missing that humming bird, meadow and mist,
Looked at your name written on my wrist..

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